Apocalyptic Homesteading (Day 577-578)


Hello Everyone!

A cooling breeze, The heatwave continues, A lull in wildlife activity & Keeping the garden alive!

I slept in until a little after sunrise this morning and although it was not all that long after dawn... it was already rather hot outdoors and looking like it will get much hotter. Unlike the last several days there just is not much in the way of cloud cover so far today let alone a breeze!

There is a minor bit of wind but it assuredly is nothing like the strong steady breeze we have been getting and there is also very little chance of rain to cool things down. I think that by the end of the day the conditions will be feeling very hot and with very little in the way of humidity since most of that moisture from that recent storm has already dissipated.

Well, I never wrote anything besides that yesterday and then later fell asleep before sunset without finishing this entry. Currently it is a little after two in the morning and having just woken up from that nap... I thought it best to dive back in here.

Overall I am a bit groggy and will most likely fall back asleep before sunrise but for now I brewed some espresso and started my day much like I would any other even though I am up way earlier than usual. Perhaps this is why I should not miss taking afternoon naps because eventually it catches up to me and I start snoozing at odd times of the day and/or night!

Anyway, the wind gradually picked up yesterday and got stronger as the day wore on so even though it was sweltering hot outside at least the breeze helped make it feel a bit cooler than it actually was. The sky eventually becoming slightly overcast sure helped as well and during the noon hours it did not feel as brutally hot outside as it did the day before.

I have to admit that during all these last many days I have been a bit high-strung but for the most part I have done pretty good at remaining vigilant of the weather conditions and the immediate environment. I have also been watching the critters closely and while the dogs seem pretty keen on remaining indoors and the chickens have been staying in the shade... the overall wildlife activity has decreased dramatically.

As I stated a few days ago even the horse, deer and house flies have not been as active as they were before this heatwave started which yeah still spooks me out considering how problematic they were before then! Do not get me wrong because I am assuredly enjoying the lull in their presence but they had become such a part of the scenery of late that it is just eerie that they vanished so rapidly.

Alright, I squeezed in some gaming online for a while there this morning but it seemed kind of dull since all my buddies were offline. It is worth noting that the time that I have spent there with them over the last many weeks has been quite enjoyable and I am glad that I gave the game another chance.

Now that most of the bugs and glitches are sorted out the entire experience is much more enjoyable. Having played the original game (that the new one is a remaster of) for two decades... I have to admit that I really like the changes and quality of life improvements a heck of a lot at this point! I hope that they continue adding to the game over the years ahead because it is just that good.

On a different note. The garden has been doing surprisingly well considering the weather conditions and perhaps I will not lose any of it to the heat. I am really glad that I had begun watering them before the heatwave began because that is probably the only thing that saved them.

Aside from that one torrential rain that we got it has still yet to rain again but once again there is supposedly going to be a late in the day thunderstorm so we will see what happens. At this point I am not going to count on the forecast to be correct and am just going to water the plants (and trees) today in the early morning hours.

So far this year the potatoes have done the best as far as the gardening projects go and even those ones that I planted just a few weeks ago have already become rather large plants. I have yet to figure out why the potatoes always seem to grow so well for me when hardly anything else does but this year I am glad that I planted so many of them!

Okay, it is now almost sunset so I best get back to working on this entry before I fall asleep like I did last night! I actually almost did that earlier when I took a nap but somehow I managed to wake back up again which was no easy feat considering how early that I awoke this morning.

The day passed rather uneventfully and there really is not much for me to report so I am just going to call this entry good enough and get on with the editing. I hope that everyone is doing well and has a nice day/night.


A storm was rolling in just before sunset!

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