Apocalyptic Homesteading (Day 682)

Hello Everyone!

Missed by the storm, Fixing the well pump regulator, The barge cement arrives, A better diet & Shorter days!

It is currently late afternoon and the 'rain' (it is barely a sprinkle) from that big storm is just now getting here along with way more wind gusts than there has been over the last few days. Thankfully the storm itself tracked a good bit more east than where it was initially projected to... so it looks like this area will get spared the brunt of it.

Mentally it has been a pretty wild ride seeing the destruction it caused in other places and bracing for it to come here but overall it was more of 'bracing myself for it' rather than growing increasingly anxious about its potential for calamity. Like the saying goes though 'we are not out of the woods yet' and will not be until sometime late tonight.

The day started off on an odd note because the water (from the well) mysteriously stopped working and upon closer inspection it appeared that a lizard hiding in the regulator housing was stopping the device from functioning. I dunno how the little critter had itself positioned in there without getting electrocuted but as soon as it ran off (when I removed the regulator cap) the regulator kicked on and the pump started working again!

It is worth noting that there is a chance that the regulator is growing faulty and the lizard had nothing to do with it at all... so it is one of those things that will need looking into further once all this foul weather blows over. Most likely if it was not the lizard... the points (contacts) on the regulator itself need cleaning which is pretty easy to do with some sandpaper or a small emery board.

Anyway, somehow I managed to get up at the crack of dawn today even though I was up kind of late last night and I then fell back asleep in short order just a few hours later. Having thought that the bad weather (aside from the high winds) was going to start last night and be ongoing today... I really did not plan on doing anything today so a long nap seemed quite appropriate!

Getting enough rest lately has really been one of those things that I am grateful for because it sure does tend to keep me on an even keel. Transitioning into a larger diet has also been helping and even though I am still maintaining my rationing routines... having more diversity in what I have available has proven to be quite the morale boost and of course probably more 'healthy' for me to boot.

On different note, the 'Barge cement' that I ordered finally came in the mail so hopefully once the wind dies down outdoors I can get my Muck boots repaired. I was actually so stoked at the prospect that I almost did the repairs inside the cabin... then my common sense kicked in and I realized that the stuff would probably have some rather noxious fumes and it would absolutely be best to wait and do it outdoors.

When it comes right down to it I am assuredly of the mindset that repairing the boots is my best option at the moment instead of trying to scrape up the funds to get a new pair. If (or more like... when) I get another pair of them I think that I am going to go with the type that are snake-proof as long as they have the thick soles that make shovel-work possible like the 'wetland' kind that I generally prefer to use.

Okay, it is now a little while before sunset and I am going to wrap this entry up and get it posted so that I can zone out for the evening. The days here definitely seem to be growing increasingly shorter... so I should either start keeping these entries briefer... or begin posting them much earlier in the day because by the time I am finished with everything... I seldom have much time left at night to do anything else without struggling against fatigue.

On that note, I should also get back on track with waking up at four in the morning so that I can soak in that 'early morning stillness' that I am so fond of! I hope that everyone is doing well and has a nice day/night.


It has been three days of grey skies!

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Donny has snake boots, which he wears then when he has to go into the woods by our house, in the summer that is the only time he has shoes on unless he goes to a store.