My Power-up for SpudXI


Image by me @jamerussell

So this post is in response to @streetstyles Spud challenge, and you can access his original post HERE.

I am not really posting this for win because it is so minimal, and I only powered up a little over 4 SP but I wasn't drawn into this until recently; had I known I was going to do this, I would have saved all the power-ups through the month of February to post for March 1. I am posting this to show that it doesn't matter how small of a measure that you power-up, it's a matter that it can be powered-up and you are willing to do that, and maybe it may incentivize someone else to power up as well.

The benefits that can be reaped through powering up is:

  1. 2.25% APR dividend on all Steem power that is held,
  2. Have greater voting power to upvote with,
  3. bigger curation rewards when upvoting others,
  4. be able to do more in commenting and upvoting because of having more "Resource Credits".

In working with the introduceyourself posts almost every day, I have seen people who have been here only a short time and they are doing an introduceyourself post and powering down. The only reason why I could think of that they may be doing this is that people have told them that they can post and get paid for it and that they think this is quick money, but it doesn't take long and they find out that this sort of thing is for the long haul, and requires a lot of patience.

It can be used to supplement someone's income, but it takes the time and patience to set it up that way first. Steem takes time to power down to the point where you need to have a substantial amount built up first, and if you are producing quality posts all the time you can set it up to draw off of the amount that you set for yourself. I do know Steemians who do this, but they have also been here basically from the beginning and have substantial amounts built up.

The other kind of people (I will not refer to these people as "Steemians") because they are not concerned with the preservation of the Steem blockchain and are trying to con their way through by gaming the system, that is usually where @steemflagrewards and @steemcleaners come in, trying to eliminate or minimize the damage done.


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