[Week 117] The last post: Never! A call to the hive


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In this world, everything has a beginning and an end.

So, to assume or expect the ending of the Hive blockchain is not at all far-fetched.

Sure, I imagine for a moment the feeling of devastation. I think about how a worthy project could meet such a fate.

What was the courage of those who repelled the forced takeover of the chain in 2019 worth?

Each one should have made a choice; between centralized governance and a decentralized imperfect one.

A blockchain is capable of self-improvement with the help of everyone. Some create valuable content, others optimize the technology and expand the ecosystem, and investors believe in and support the project to transcend borders.

So, to read in the news, the closure of the Hive blockchain would imply serious actions against freedom of expression or the drastic elimination of technological support in the best-case scenario. At worst, the extermination of the community.

It seems to me that I should moderate my tone. I'm starting to sound too dramatic. Lol

Besides, the weekend is for relaxing.

Obviously! This is an unlikely hypothetical situation since it would mean that: Hive was not uncensorable and free. Oh, I'm wrong!

Don't stress, my friend! Hive is freedom, not perfect, but perfectible.

But if this will pass! And today is the weekend for Hive, and I have the chance to write one last post.

I would act like John Connor writing to the resistance, that is to say to the community, making a call to continue the purpose of the chain in another fork if possible.

We already did that once. So, doing it again would be possible. Oh, no..!

Let me tell you in words what the final post would look like.

Wait a minute! Who's going to read me for a weekend?

My daughter is on a bender at Hacienda Santa Teresa, and my wife is at her mother's house with no internet access spending the weekend.

So, many who have not yet heard the news will be enjoying nature or disconnected from the digital noise.

Besides, who would read my exhortation post tomorrow, Monday?

What you upload to Hive is supposed to stay on the blockchain forever!

Well, yes, nothing is forever. But, no doubt, fate's twists end up surprising us.

Maybe I should go on Discord and announce the closing of Hive, joining other John Connor.

I don't think that's a good idea! As far as I know, Discord is not immutable in time and has more chance of disappearing.

At least if I write in Hive, I have more chance that someone can access a node and read my post.

How crazy! And what am I going to write to inspire others to come back?

Wow, my post has to be more than inspiring! It has to be memorable.

I wonder if Neil Armstrong rehearsed in his mind the famous phrase when he stepped on the moon.

What a fool I am! I'm just one more in the community: little known and with a low level of engagement.

There, I've got it!

I'll write:

Don't let Hive die. Let's come back together for decentralization and freedom to continue in a fairer world.


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