RE: Are we at a point where our curation no longer matter. +Pobpunks update

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That's the best way to simply let the content speak for itself, but sometimes it can be difficult to find in amongst all the other stuff, I do have some creators that I know constantly create really good work that I enjoy reading and sometimes I spend hours trying to find posts from creators that I have never read before as these tend be overlooked sometimes.

If I was to be downvoted for a valid reason, I am OK with that, but if it was malicious I would mute that account also, I honestly don't feel anyone should tell another person how they should vote, if they earned and staked it then that is their right to vote for whomever they choose, I just think it can be unfair for some users that do put in a lot of work and don't get much engagement.

Don't get me wrong there is plenty of nonsense posts that don't get engagement either, that why it's important to write interesting and sometimes thought provoking content, I try to write passionately about what I enjoy, but what I like others may not and visa versa.

Thanks for dropping in with your point of view on this, it's important that we can all write in an honest and frank manner, discussing these issues and look at them in a collective way to improve the communities for all users.