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Something new?
Why not?

Since I joined hive, I have read so much and interacted with people who talk about coding, so I m finally decided.

For a while I have fantasized about coding, I have tried learning HTML, python and now.. I m lusting after java (its a good kind of lust tho).

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The truth is I don't want to be a jack of all trades and master of none, but I also don't want to have to explain to my children that during my generation, I didn't have anything about coding to show them.

Recently I also read about a 12 year old boy and a 13 year old boy who helped develop and NFT which garnered over 5 million dollar in 3 weeks.. Now that's not something I still wanna fold my hands about.

Over time, I ve realized that whatever tickles my fancy at all, I try to learn a bit about, same thing happened when I learnt about music, cryptocurrency, then I started trading, now I m blogging on hive, and holding NFTs, so you see.. It kinda never stops. I keep learning so don't Blame me.
I don't also let my medical degree or aspirations cloud my judgment to learn these things. "I know I ll need it" so I tell myself.

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I ve learnt a lot from a Post by @crytooctopus a few years back on fixing a why? I ll sort that out. He was once like me. Some encouragement there.

I know my creativity spreads across many tools, and they all count in the long run.
There is still lot of things to learn but for now, I want to incorporate my coding journey with my blogging experience.
I am excited to be having a communities like this to share with and learn a lot from. I know I m gonna learn quite well.

I also want to solicit for any ideas and support I might need. This is a new territory for me. I know its gonna be fun.

Already thinking of the many possibilities of my learning to code on other aspects of my skill set already.. Medicine, music and all... Okay let me stop dreaming and face it.

Coding, here I come.

Hello World


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