The Beauty of Kanlahing Peak of Nug-as, Alcoy | The Last Forest Reserved of Cebu


My wife and I have been on leave for a week from her stressful work a mandatory yearly work break I must say, and to make the most out of her break I decided to bring her to nature. The good thing is that we don't need to go far away from home. Since we are living in the countryside, particularly in Alcoy Cebu, there is a mountainous village that is considered by the Cebu Provincial Government as the largest and the last forest reserved in Cebu Province the Nug-as village of Alcoy. Wherein it is the home of various endangered species of birds and one of them is the Siloy a medium-sized bird, commonly known as Cebu Black Shama which is nowhere to be found in the world but only in the forest of Nug-as. With the visible efforts of the local government by promoting the bird to help awareness, the Local government of Alcoy had an annual festival name after the bird which the Alcoy is well-known for the Siloy festival. Unfortunately, we haven't seen any Black Shama when we went there. But instead, we went to Kanlahing Peak still located in Nug-as where we can possibly witness the sea of clouds.

The night before we both decided to head on Nug-as as early as 4 o'clock in the morning since its a 45-minute drive away from our house, with the advice of locals from the village that for better visibility of the sea of clouds we have to arrive early on the spot so as to see the actual cloud formation and to see the golden hour sunrise as well. Unfortunately, a sea of clouds didn't show up, one of the locals told us that it's not actually clouds but fog, and usually for a bigger chance of witnessing the sea of clouds it must rain during the night so that by the next morning it will create a fog and eventually form into a cloud-like which the locals call it as a sea of clouds. In fact, the local government of Alcoy considered it a new site to visit as it gradually attracts some local tourists, especially mountaineers as it is a great place for camping.



Though we haven't seen the sea of clouds still it's a worth it early morning hike. In fact, I made a timelapse video of sunrise and the mini cloud form on the other side of the mountain. Check out this short timelapse video.

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Look how beautiful it is to witness the golden hour in the morning.





Moreover, on the other side of the mountain, local farmers of the village seemed like they were harvesting the crops wherein they placed in a huge basket, which can be seen clearly in the below photos. Luckily I bought my telephoto lens.



Some locals in the village can be seen in these photos.



Look how beautiful the landscapes are in these photos, while in the below photo you can visibly see a forming fog from afar which eventually turns into cloud-like but not that much, not on that day since rain doesn't occur the night before. Well, it's fine that the sea of clouds did not show up, we have the sunrise anyways.



I even told my wife to have a photo of nature as it is why we came for, to witness the beauty of it. As well as to unwind from the stressful working environment. She even stretched it out as I told her to pose.




There are some other hikers as well, a group of lads as seen in the following photos.



Indeed, it is a well-spent work break for my wife. She enjoyed the first day of her break.
And in the following days, I'll share more of our travel adventure as she has a few more days before going back to her work. So, as of now, we'll enjoy it together. See you on the next content. Ciao!