Landscapes of Kanlahing Peak | #Monomad Challenge

Hello there Black and White fam, hope everyone is fine and doing well wherever you are right now. And for today's content, I will be sharing with you the recent hike we did with my wife in the mountainous village here in our town the Nug-as. Nug-as is the only mountainous village here in Alcoy, Cebu considered the last frontier of the protected and reserved forest by the Cebu Province, and it's quite far from the town center, in fact, it will take you more or less an hour to get there using a motorbike.

We went to a particular spot in Nug-as which the locals consider that area as the highest peak of the village wherein from there you can clearly see the entire village. The villagers call it Kanlahing Peak and gradually made a name in social media due to netizens who visited the place and share it on their socials. Which I believe is a perfect site for campers and trekkers as well that wanted to have a quick adrenaline rush. We actually went there as early as 4:00 AM for us to witness the sunrise. Aside from the sunrise, we wanted to see the landscapes as well, as some of our friends told us that the landscape that we are going to see from the peak is breathtaking and indeed it was. Allow me to share these snaps I took.


In the first photo is my wife that requested to have her photographed with the background of the landscape, but I kinda make her a little out of the subject instead, hence I made her the foreground of the frame and made the landscape the main subject which she liked the outcome anyways.


Here are some of the other landscapes I took.





We thought that we were the only ones who hiked in Kanlahing Peak during that time but a couple of minutes later other trekkers came after us it, was a group of lads but they were on the lower path of the peak.



And from where we stand I saw these locals. Since I'm using a telephoto lens I took photos of some locals who seemed to be harvesting their crops, which by the way farming is one of the means of support for some locals. And look at that small hut standing on the edge of the cliff it's kinda scary if you imagined living there but they seemed to use it as their vegetable storage before bringing it to the town center's marketplace.


And of course, I took a photo of my wife, and this time she was the one being focused by the camera and the landscape was blurry, yet you can visually see the beautiful landscapes.


The above photo were all captured by yours truly using Nikon D5600 with an 18-140mm Nikkor lens. At the same time, these photos will be my entry also for the #monomad challenge of @monochromes.


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