Life On Two Wheels Series #22 (MotorShow Event) | #Monomad Challenge

Hi there Black and White community, hope everyone is safe and doing well. For today's content, I will be sharing again my Life on Two Wheels photo series but this time around the subjects were not moving like the usual photo series that I typically submitted. And of course, this is my other entry for the #monomad challenge of @monochromes.

Recently our town celebrated the annual fiesta and along with the festivity, the local government organized recreational entertainment for the locals of Alcoy. With the help of the local riding community, they come up with a first-ever Motorshow competition in the town. The organizer of the Motorshow even invited the neighboring towns to join as well, as the competition is open to all categories of motorbikes from lower to higher cc's. Lucky enough one of the organizers is my cousin and he invited me to the Motorshow competition not as a participant but as one of their event photographers. Here are some of my snaps of the Motorshow event, check out these photos below.

First off, the organizers arrange the bikes from lower cc's to higher ones, and this starts with the scooters. Actually, most of the bikes that joined the event were modified, like these two scooters in the picture below. As you can see in the first photo this scooter used to be classic looking but it was modified and now it seemed to be smiling with the two auxiliary lights installed in front serve as its eyes.


On the other hand, the second photo which is a Honda-made scooter was modified as well, it is being lowered, that even an eight-year-old kid can even sit with ease.


Next to the scooters were 125-150 cc's these include the underbone categories and participants of these categories were from different brands of bikes from Raider 150 of Suzuki, Wave 125 of Honda, and the Sniper 150 of Yamaha. In this category, bikes were built in the Thai concept of drag bikes, and winners will be awarded based on the components used especially the customized engine and the looks as well as it imitates Thailand custom builds.


Raider 150 of Suzuki



The above photo is Wave 125 of Honda


The above photo is Sniper 150 of Yamaha


Of course, in every event may it be a car or motorbike show, showgirls were also invited, and during the Motorshow, some of the showgirls even dressed up as spider women just like in the below photo.


Big bikes were also present during the event scrambler bike and the only touring bike as well.



Underbone bikes were lined up and most of these bikes were Suzuki-made.



And of course, this event won't be possible without these lads who work hard just to have the first ever Motorshow in our town. Hoping for a bigger event next year, congrats to these guys as well for the successful event by the way.


Above photos were captured by yours truly using the Nikon D5600 with an 18-140mm Nikkor lens.


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