Life On Two Wheels Series #23 | #Monomad Challenge

Hello there Black and White fam, How have you been? Hope everyone is safe and doing well wherever you are on the globe. And for today's content, I will be sharing again my Life On Two Wheels photo series. And of course, these photos will be my entry as well for the #monomad challenge initiated by @monochromes.

Anyways, I've been always a fan of motorbikes regardless of their brand or their cc's (cubic capacity). We all know that some motorbike enthusiasts preferred branded bikes with specific cc's, especially those motorists who travel most using their motorbikes like those who mostly do endurance rides. As well as motorists who are into racing wherein they use a sportsbike, so with motorbike enthusiasts who are into trail rides as well. You see motorbikes were specifically built for specific terrain to ride but in general, regardless of their specific build, still any motorbike enthusiast enjoys riding it, especially with good company.

Here in the Philippines, motorbikes are part of daily living as it is a necessity mainly for those who are living in the countryside because not all can afford a four wheels vehicle which cost more than motorbikes. And it is more practical than a four-wheel vehicle as the gas price keeps rising as motorbikes consume less. Just like these motorbikes that I'm going to share with the community. Check out the photos below.


As you can see in these photos, motorbikes in the Philippines are different from other countries but not in some Asian countries probably because they were designed based on the local climate or buyers' taste. After all who needs an expensive bike if you're just going to use it to carry goods to the marketplace wherein the less expensive bikes can do the same, like in the below photo where the rider carries cases of soft drinks being tied on his motorbike.



And most motorbikes in the countryside were used as service vehicles for their daily jobs, as public utility vehicles in the countryside are very seldom passed by, the reason why most Filipinos considered getting one, especially those who are leaving in the provinces.



Above photos were captured by yours truly at Alcoy, Cebu using Nikon D5600 with 18-140mm Nikkor lens.