Prepare for Battle Mage Secrets: Showcasing Your Strategic Skills in Specific Rulesets! "EARTQUAKE"

Greetings everyone, it's @jeffqt and I am excited to announce the upcoming Battle Mage Secrets challenge. It's time to prepare your teams and start strategizing as this challenge will test your skills in showcasing your matches and team compositions for specific rulesets. The diverse selection of units available for this challenge makes it more interesting and dynamic, allowing you to create unique and powerful teams. Get ready to show off your best strategies and dominate the competition!



All non-flying units take 2 physical damage at the end of every turn.

Snared units are considered non-flying. Since the damage given is physical, it can be reduced to 1 if the unit has the shield ability.

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The Line Up

SummonerFirst PositionSecond PositionThird PositionFouth PositionFifth PositionSixth Position
Summoner: Quix the Devious
I selected Quix The Devious as my summoner for the "earthquake" ruleset because it seemed like the most practical choice, given the abundance of flying monsters in high mana battles in the Dragon Splinter. Additionally, opting for other splinters beyond dragon monsters was also possible.
1st Position: Gargoya Lion
Gargoya Lion is an excellent choice for a tank in this particular ruleset due to its dual abilities of void and flying. This allows it to effectively mitigate magic damage from opponents, while also having a 25% chance to dodge against melee and ranged attacks. Therefore, I have positioned Gargoya Lion in the first slot to absorb incoming damage.
2nd Position: Chaos Dragon
Placing Chaos Dragon in the second position is a strategic move because it boasts high health points, serving as a backup tank if Gargoya Lion cannot withstand the enemy's attacks. In addition, Chaos Dragon's Scattershot and Blast abilities, combined with its 3 big magic damage, make it an even stronger contender in this particular ruleset. The ability to scatter damage across any position and deal a blast of damage makes it a strong.
3rd Position: Zyvaxx Vuul
Although Zyvax Vuul may not be the most reliable due to its Recharge ability, it can still deal significant damage, especially with its 3x damage potential if it attacks after 2 rounds. This can easily take down high-health opponents in just one hit. However, Zyvax Vuul's vulnerability as a tank makes it more suitable for the third position, ensuring it deals damage before potentially succumbing to attacks.
4th Position: Void Dragon
Adding Void Dragon to this lineup provides an extra layer of tanking in case the monsters in the front lines are taken down. Based on my battle experience, this monster is highly resilient against melee and range attacks, and can even dodge attacks from magic monsters if leveled up and given the Phase ability.
5th Position: Gargoya Devil
Gargoya Devil serves as an additional source of ranged damage in this lineup. With its 2x damage boost against a single remaining opponent, it can be a powerful finishing move. Additionally, its flying ability allows it to protect the backline from enemy attacks.
6th Position: Pelacor Bandit
Pelacor Bandit, a flying monster with high speed, has a greater chance of dodging attacks from opponents with backline damages. As a backline monster, it can attack from the rear and deal damage without being directly targeted. Despite being a reward card, Pelacor Bandit is a valuable asset in battles.

The Battle Plan:
The optimal strategy for the earthquake ruleset is to utilize flying monsters in conjunction with high-health monsters. This combination can be highly effective, but it is important to exercise caution against monsters equipped with snare abilities, as they can remove the flying ability from targeted monsters. To counter this, it is recommended to place monsters with flying abilities alongside high-health monsters, preferably ones with armor. By doing so, the chances of maintaining a strong and resilient frontline are greatly increased, and the vulnerabilities of the flying monsters are mitigated.
Did My Strategy Work?
Indeed, my victory in this battle was largely due to the presence of flying ability monsters in my lineup. My opponent chose to use a team with pure magic damage, with only one monster possessing flying ability. This gave me a significant advantage, as my flying monsters were able to outmaneuver and avoid attacks while continuing to deal damage, ultimately leading to my victory.
Short Summary:
In summary, the earthquake ruleset in Splinterlands is best approached by utilizing flying monsters with high health, armored monsters to create a resilient frontline. Care must be taken against opponents equipped with snare abilities, which can remove the flying ability of targeted monsters. By placing flying monsters alongside high-health monsters with armor, players can mitigate the vulnerabilities of their flying monsters and maintain a strong frontline. Additionally, the Pelacor Bandit, with its flying ability and high speed, can be a valuable asset in battles. The lineup presented in this discussion includes the use of Quix The Devious, Gargoya Lion, Chaos Dragon, Zyvax Vuul, Void Dragon, and Gargoya Devil, each serving a unique purpose in the overall strategy. Ultimately, the presence of flying ability monsters proved to be a decisive factor in securing victory, as they were able to outmaneuver opponents and deal damage effectively.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post about the Battle Mage Secrets challenge. I hope that it has inspired you to create your own winning team and participate in the contest. Remember to submit your entry before the deadline and good luck to everyone who participates!

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