Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets Challenge with Equalizer Ruleset and Life/Dragon Splinters

Hello, @jeffqt here, sharing my battle with everyone. It's always exciting to see different strategies and approaches to the game.

For those who haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend watching the battle that I provided in the link below. It will give you a great insight into how the current ruleset works and what monsters might be the most effective in this particular setting.

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Are you ready to show off your magic skills and battle prowess? Then this is the challenge for you!

Your best strategies and tactics as a battle mage. What secrets do you have up your sleeve that make you a tough opponent on the battlefield? Whether it's a combination of spells, unique monster pairings, or unconventional strategies, we want to know what makes you stand out as a master of strategies.

So, get your wands and staffs ready and show us what you've got! There will be some amazing rewards for the top participants, so don't miss out on this opportunity to showcase your skills.

May the best battle mages win!



All units start with the same health, based on the highest health on either team.

Buffs and debuffs are done afterward - this impacts base health.

Click Here To Watch The Battle:


Just to give everyone a quick rundown, the ruleset for this battle is Equalizer, which means that all monsters have the same health. In addition, only the Life and Dragon splinters are available for use in this battle.

Furthermore, there is a 42 mana battle cap, which means that players will have to carefully choose which monsters to bring into battle and how to allocate their mana resources effectively.

My Battle Plan/Strategy:

Firstly, I utilized the summoner named "Selenia Sky" to provide a +1 range damage buff to range damage monsters. For the first position, I used an epic reward card called "Djinn Chwala" which has a thorns ability that deals damage back to the attacker when it is hit with melee damage. This monster is an effective tank against opposing melee monsters.

In the second position, I put a melee damage monster called "Carnage Titan" with the reach ability, allowing it to attack the first position of the opponent. With its double strike ability, it can deal twice the melee damage in just one round, which can quickly disrupt the opponent's tank.

For the third and fourth positions, I've added two range damage monsters: the "Lightning Dragon" and the "Venari Crystalsmith". These monsters can deal significant ranged damage to the opponents and have abilities to stun an enemy and heal the monster in the first position, respectively.

To balance the team lineup, I added magic damage monsters to deal magic attacks without destroying the opponent's armor. The "Spirit Hoarder" and "Gold Dragon" are both sustain-type monsters with the triage and self-heal abilities, making them more sustainable in battle. These magic monsters are meant to protect the backline from sneak attacks by opponents.

Did My Strategy Work?

Fortunately, my strategy proved to be more effective than my opponents', which ultimately led me to victory. It's important to note that this strategy may not be the absolute best one out there, but it can certainly give you some ideas on how to approach this particular ruleset. As always, it's recommended to do your own research and come up with your own tactics. So, good luck and have fun, everyone!

What Do I Want Next Battle Mage Secrets?

As a player of Splinterlands, I would love to see the next "Battle Mage Secrets" feature the "Born Again" ruleset, where all monsters will have the Rebirth ability. I believe that this will be an exciting addition to the Battle Mage Secrets series, as it is a new ruleset that has recently been released. It would be interesting to see different strategies and approaches that players would use in this ruleset, especially since it is something new to the game. Overall, I think that the "Born Again" ruleset would be a great addition to the Battle Mage Secrets, and I hope to see it in the future.


Participated in the Splinterlands "Battle Mage Secrets" Challenge, which featured the Equalizer ruleset and allowed only the Life and Dragon splinters to be used. The battle also had a 42 mana battle cap, requiring careful consideration of which monsters to bring into battle.

My battle plan included using the "Selenia Sky" summoner to provide a +1 range damage buff to range damage monsters. The lineup consisted of a melee damage monster with thorns ability as a tank, a reach melee damage monster with double strike ability, two range damage monsters with stunning and healing abilities, and two magic damage monsters with triage and self-heal abilities for the backline.

The strategy proved to be effective, leading me to victory, although it is important to note that it may not be the best strategy out there. Overall, the challenge provided valuable insights into how to approach this particular ruleset, and it is recommended to continue experimenting with different tactics to find the best approach for your own battles.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who took the time to read my post about the Splinterlands "Battle Mage Secrets" Challenge. I hope that my battle plan and insights provided some useful information and inspiration for your own battles. Remember to always experiment with different strategies and have fun while playing. Thank you again for reading, and good luck in your future battles!

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