Splinterlands Townhall Updates: Sps Staking, Guilds, and New Player Experience

What's New?

Hello, Splinterfam! The recent release of the Splinterlands townhall has generated some surprises, particularly regarding the SPS staking requirements at each league. As for my stance on this matter, I believe it is a positive development for the token's utility and will contribute to a healthier game environment by reducing multi-accounting. However, it's important to acknowledge that there are also some disadvantages to consider. Nonetheless, the Splinterlands team has consistently emphasized these changes in their past townhalls and even outlined them in their whitepaper. Therefore, if you have been following the game since 2018 and staying updated with their announcements, this shouldn't come as a major issue. Admittedly, the SPS staking requirements may seem high, even for long-time stakers who have been accumulating SPS over the years. Nevertheless, it's crucial to recognize that this change is designed to enhance the utility of Splinterlands' governance token.

On that note, I'd like to introduce myself as @jeffqt, an enthusiastic Splinterlands fan. Let's work together to make this game more popular by sharing it with friends, family, and even our enemies.

NFTy Arcade:

NFTy Arcade is introducing a reward share platform where users can create a deck of cards and lend them out for a reward share agreement. It's important to note that NFTy Arcade does not own these cards. While the initial progress has been moderate, they are optimistic about its potential.

Account Security & Changing Email:

To enhance account security, they have added a new Account Security page accessible through the dropdown option menu. From this section, you can set up an email address if none is associated with your account, verify the validity of your existing email address, change the email associated with your account, change your account password, or request your keys after purchasing the Spellbook.

Gameplay Updates:

Splinterlands have made significant updates to the gameplay mechanics. Specifically, the Resurrection and Rebirth abilities now properly clear Affliction, Blind, Cripple, Halving, Poison, Snare, and Weaken. Additionally, Recharging is now reset, offering a more balanced and optimized gaming experience.

General Updates:

To improve the efficiency of the system, we have updated the way cards for sale and rent are pulled, ensuring that only the displayed 1,000 cards are returned. This enhancement aims to reduce load times for listings and minimize data transfer amounts, resulting in a smoother user experience. For third-party developers, we have introduced the new API "market/market_query_by_card" with flexible query options.

SPS Staking:

Splinterlands are excited to introduce SPS staking, which will replace Collection Power and serve as the first step in integrating SPS into the game's reward mechanism. The main design for SPS staking is ready, and it will determine your rewards within a specific range. The formula is based on your rating, with increasing SPS requirements as you move up in rating. The number of reward shares will be adjusted based on your SPS holdings, with a diminishing returns formula in place. It's important to note that SPS staking is not a requirement to play, but it offers additional rewards and utility.


Splinterlands have upgraded the existing guild system to allow players to take their guild contributions with them when they leave and apply them to a new guild. Additionally, we will be introducing new guild buildings that require staked assets for leveling up. Players can unstake their assets at any time. The quest lodge will be removed, and the guild leaderboard will undergo a revamp. Cosmetic benefits and season-based leaderboard rewards will also be implemented.


Our team at Brawlhalla is working diligently to ensure that new players can easily understand the game mechanics and the changes being made. We are focused on releasing updates and improvements this quarter, including tech modernization for battles and the mobile experience. New player tutorials are being developed, and we are planning a Crucible of Fire event on 5/24 and 5/25. Additionally, a proposal to eliminate bots in the Modern mode has been passed.

What are my thoughts on the TOWNHALL?

Let's shift our focus away from SPS staking and delve into the other updates discussed in the townhall.

NFTy Arcade has introduced a more convenient system for lenders and borrowers, allowing them to engage in reward share agreements. This update aims to enhance the overall experience for both parties involved.

The Account Security & Changing Email update is a welcome change as it adds an extra layer of security to user accounts, particularly when it comes to changing email addresses. This feature ensures that users can safeguard their accounts, especially if their email has been compromised.

Regarding gameplay updates, while there may not be any significant changes, the resetting of the "Recharge" ability brings balance and optimization to the game mechanics.

The Guilds update is an exciting addition, allowing players to take their guild contributions with them if they decide to leave and apply them to a new guild. Additionally, the introduction of new guild buildings that require staked assets offers a fresh dynamic to guild progression and engagement.

Lastly, the Brawlhalla team's focus on improving the new player experience is a crucial priority. By ensuring that new players can easily understand the gameplay mechanics through provided guides and resources, the game becomes more accessible and enjoyable. This approach aims to retain new players and encourage them to continue exploring and engaging with the game.

These updates demonstrate the Splinterlands team's commitment to enhancing various aspects of the game, from security measures and gameplay mechanics to guild dynamics and new player experiences.

Splinterlands are constantly striving to provide the best gaming experience and improve their services. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to mark your calendars for their upcoming 5-year anniversary event.

Thank you for your continued support Splinterfam! This it it for now see you on the next "Social Media Challenge" and have an enjoyable and healthy community. See Ya!

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