"Winning with Grandmaster Rathe in Counterspell Ruleset" -Battle Mage Secrets-

Hello everyone! It's time for the Battle Mage Secrets challenge again, and this week's ruleset is "counterspell." In this ruleset, all monsters have the ability "Magic Reflect," which means that when they are hit with magic damage, they will reflect back reduced magic damage to the attacker. The amount of damage reflected is equivalent to the attacker's damage divided by 2, rounded up. This damage is still reflected even if the attacker misses their attack. Let's explore some strategies to become a skilled battler in this ruleset! Also, I'm @jeffqt and happy to help out fellow Splinterlands players.


RULESET: Counterspell

All monsters receive the Magic Reflect ability at the start of the battle. Enemy monsters that attack with magic receive damage back.

Damage returned is equal to the damage of the attacker divided by 2, rounded up. Magic monsters with the Reflection Shield ability do not take damage from reflected magic attacks. The Amplify ability increases damage.

Are you ready for the ultimate battle?


The Battle Plan:

To effectively battle in the "Counterspell" ruleset, it's wise to use the Grandmaster Rathe summoner as it possesses the "Amplify" ability, which is particularly useful in this ruleset. With Amplify, Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters is increased by 1, making it a good strategy against opponents. Moreover, Grandmaster Rathe's additional abilities such as +1 Armor and Void Armor provide your team with the necessary sustainability in battles. To enhance your team's durability, add monsters with healing abilities and a robust tank with high health. To fully take advantage of the summoner's buff, it's recommended to include monsters with the "Protect" ability that provides additional armor to the team. By following this strategy, you can increase your chances of success in this ruleset.

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The Line Up:

For my line-up, I carefully selected Grandmaster Rathe as my summoner for the current ruleset "Counterspell." This particular ruleset requires a strategic approach, and the abilities of Grandmaster Rathe are ideal for this situation. With his "Amplify" ability, he can significantly boost the "Magic Reflect," "Return Fire," and "Thorns" damage of all monsters on my team, which can cause significant damage to the enemy team.

Moreover, Grandmaster Rathe's "Void Armor" ability provides additional sustainability for my team, allowing them to better withstand attacks and return damage with the magic reflection ability. Additionally, his "+1 Armor" buff enhances my team's defensive capabilities, which is especially useful in countering magic attacks

While the Magi of Chaos is not the most optimal tank for all magic-only rulesets, I decided to place it in the first position due to its massive 4 magic damage and considerable 7 health points. This combination can prove to be extremely effective in taking down high health monsters early on in the battle.

To ensure that the Magi of Chaos stays alive and sustains for longer, I paired it with healing monsters that can replenish its health during the battle. Additionally, equipped it with cleanse abilities, which can remove any negative effects or debuffs that it may encounter during the fight. This combination not only makes the Magi of Chaos more durable but also provides it with a better chance of dealing significant damage to the opposing team.

Dax Paragon's primary role in this battle is to afflict the enemy monster that is placed in the first position. The afflict ability that Dax Paragon possesses can prevent the opposing team's monsters from healing themselves, rendering them more vulnerable in battle.

This strategy proves to be extremely effective, especially when the opposing team has healing monsters in their line-up. By afflicting the enemy tank, Dax Paragon can dismantle the opponent's strategy and leave them with limited options to heal or recover their health points.

Time Mage plays a crucial role in the battle by slowing down all the opponent's monsters with its time warp ability, which reduces their speed by 1. This gives my team the upper hand, as my monsters can deal magic damage before the opponent's monsters can attack back.

With my tank having only 7 health, it is crucial for my team to quickly eliminate the enemy tank in the first round of the battle. Time Mage's time slow ability provides this opportunity, allowing my team to deal the first blow and potentially take down the enemy tank. This, in turn, gives my tank a better chance to sustain in the battle.

Time Mage's rust ability is also extremely valuable in this battle. It can significantly reduce the armor of all the opponent's monsters, making it easier for my team to deal damage, especially if the opponent also uses monsters or summoners with Void Armor ability.

Defender of the Truth is a versatile monster that plays a vital role in both sustaining the team and dealing damage. However, in this particular battle, its most significant contribution is the added armor it provides to all monsters on my team. This is particularly beneficial given the buffs provided by Grandmaster Rathe, especially the Void Armor, which makes my team more resilient against the opponent's damage. By having additional armor, the enemy team must first break through the armor before being able to reduce the health of my monsters.

Divine Healer is an essential monster in my line up as it greatly contributes to the sustainability of my tank with its healing ability. Despite only having a single damage, its healing ability is crucial for my team's survival. Moreover, the slow ability of the Divine Healer is also beneficial as it further reduces the speed of all enemy monsters. This stacks with the Time Mage's slow ability, providing a total reduction of -2 speed for the opposing team. With this, my team has the upper hand in dealing magic damage first.

Placing Doctor Blight at the last position of my team line up proved to be a smart move as its max level ability is particularly potent in this ruleset. This monster possesses the ability to inflict poison and affliction on its enemies, which can wreak havoc on their strategy. Moreover, its Weaken ability is quite useful as it can reduce the health of all enemy monsters. Its Scavenger ability is also noteworthy as it gains 1 max health each time any monster dies, making it a valuable asset in longer battles.

However, this monster has a low health pool of only 4, making it susceptible to being taken down easily by opponents. To prevent this, Make sure to include triage abilities to heal and protect it, allowing it to survive for more rounds and deal damage to the enemy team.

Did My Strategy Works?
Thanks to the effective use of Grandmaster Rathe and my carefully crafted strategy, I managed to succeed in the battle. By analyzing the battle ruleset and my opponent's lineup, I was able to make informed decisions and counter their moves, ultimately dealing more damage to their team. In battles, it's essential to take the time to familiarize yourself with the game's rulesets and all the abilities available to your summoners and monsters. By doing so, you gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics and can make strategic decisions that will help you emerge victorious.
Short Summary of the Battle!

This line up is carefully crafted with each monster having a specific role to play in the "Counterspell" ruleset. Grandmaster Rathe is chosen as the summoner because of its abilities that provide sustainability and protection to the team. Magi of Chaos is used in the first position because of its high magic damage, and paired with healing and cleanse abilities to make it last longer in battle. Dax Paragon is used to afflict enemies in the first position, especially those with healing abilities. Time Mage slows down enemy monsters, and its rust ability reduces their armor. Defender of the Truth provides additional armor to all monsters, making the team more protected. Divine Healer sustains the tank with its healing ability and slows down enemies even further. Doctor Blight, at the last position, inflicts poison, affliction, and weaken to all enemy monsters, but needs triage abilities to make it last longer in battle due to its low health.

The end-of-season rewards I received this time around were exceptional! I received a total of $36 worth of "SPS" and "Chaos Legion Packs," which is a significant value for the time and effort I put into playing the game. However, what's even more exciting is that I also accumulated "Soulbound Cards" that are tradable within the game for one to two years. This presents a tremendous opportunity for me to build a powerful deck and potentially earn a substantial profit down the line, as these are valuable cards.

The beauty of these Soulbound Cards is that they are exclusive and can't be traded outside of the game. This feature ensures that the cards stays in the game and encourages players to keep accumulating them. I plan to hold on to these cards, invest in them, and maximize their potential by maxing them out to their highest level, which will only increase their worth over time.

Furthermore, I'm grateful for the opportunity to play in the highest league and compete with borrowed decks that NFTy Arcade delegated. It's an excellent way for me to experience different play styles and strategies, and it provides me with a sense of accomplishment knowing that I can compete at a high level. I'm excited to continue playing, improving my skills, and earning rewards as I go. Overall, playing Splinterlands has been an incredibly rewarding experience, both in terms of entertainment and earning a value.

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Before we end, I would like to extend my thanks to all the viewers who have taken the time to read this post. I hope that the information shared has been informative and helpful. If you have any further questions or if there is anything else I can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you again and have a great day!

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