KRITA: Can we produce digital art with Linux?


I've been using Procreate for almost a decade, but my iPad is gone. I lost my temper when my dickhead uncle wouldn't let me Facetime with my son in Iowa because he's an insecure control freak tricky kidnapper using the pandemic as an excuse for everything. I punched a hole through the screen when he said I'd be blocked for a month. The battery got damaged really badly and started this intense fire. It spread to my phone and then it started burning in this intense blue and purple flame like in this picture. Fortunately, no CUBs were harmed in the fire.


Now all I have to work with is this crappy old notebook without a screen. I got into an argument with an old British soldier last year and he kicked my ass and broke my notebook in half. It works the same as before. It just doesn't have a screen. Now that we have DeFi, super-powerful computers aren't really necessary, right?

I detest Microsoft and their Windows. I wipe every machine I can of their Big Brother spyware crap and install Linux on every computer I've owned for decades. Linux is great, but can we create digit art with it? I don't know. Let's find out...


I really like using to find better choices for almost anything. I currently have the app GIMP installed, but I just don't feel I can use it to create stuff so I asked them for an alternative to GIMP, and Krita was the answer.

How to get Krita on Linux

You should update everything of course but installing Krita is a piece of cake. Just type:

sudo apt-get install krita

Into the terminal, press, y, for yes, and boom it will be installed.


I like what I see. The splash screen has a cool-looking anime. It almost feels like using an old version of Photoshop. I think I'm going to like this app. I may be a dumbass for smashing my iPad and losing my best medium for producing art, but Linux and the open-source community may have saved the day.


I can see myself making some interesting drawings using Krita. I was trying to move something using the selection tool and it suggested I may be wanting to use the move tool. Very nice. This is the first time I've felt that I can create digital art using my computer since the 1990s.

Introduction to Krita coming from Photoshop

user manual.png

Krita has a well-written user manual that can get you started. I found that this introduction for Photoshop users was useful:


I drew this just by goofing off, having fun, and trying out all the cool brushes and patterns. I spent hours just trying new combinations of textures and colors.

first try.jpg


There are so many scams and rug pulls in the world of DeFi. I've been screwed by a few, but I feel there is a TRUE community with CUB and that they really do have diamond hands for their new coin, so it's going to be my number one investment from now on. Thanks for reading about my attempt to draw a dragon with diamond hands for CUB using Linux. Hopefully, this post was useful to you. Have a sparkling day!

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