If you love sweets but want to eat HEALTHY ? Want to date a couple but don't know where to go, it's both new and warm, opening up many interesting dating stories. If you want a cool space to study and work in the sweltering heat of Can Tho, Cacao Bata is a perfect choice.



My friend and I went to this cafe. The first impression is that although it's too small, it's crowded, seeing a lot of couples going together, if not, it's parents taking their children. The staff is very enthusiastic, when they come in, they immediately introduce the cheese cream green tea dish, it sounds strange so I want to try it. Loved this layer of cheese cream, greasy, fragrant tea is not too sweet, suitable for a person who is afraid of being fat like me.
It is known that the processing shop is very hygienic, the ingredients are clear, so it is also somewhat reassuring. A plus point for the shop is the music is very tasteful, a place to relieve stress after fatigue and pressure of work and life! It is a gathering place for friends and relatives and also a place for couples!



I like to go to the cafe during the day, take beautiful photos. However, the façade is a bit small, so when crowded, you have to wait in long lines, parking space is limited CACAO BATA - Sweet stopover - Feeling the familiar cocoa flavour becomes different in the minimalist space. liberal but close.




The best seller is Cocoa Foam Fresh Milk, "on top" cocoa foam. Especially delicious mixed with fresh milk to create a sweet and cool taste without harsh voice. Fat fresh milk bar combined with sweet and chewy mini black sugar topping. The shop chooses healthy pure cocoa, which oxidizes, relaxes and improves mood.

There is also Dalgona Fresh Milk, from the basic ingredients: fresh milk, coffee or sugar candies, all reach the standard taste of melted sugar candy - strong coffee - pure cow's milk even when mixed. blended together to form a novel mix that does not obscure the identity of each individual flavour.




With a minimalist space but extremely close when entering, I feel light and separate from the chaos behind the door.

  • The atmosphere is always cool with soft music.

  • Delicious drinks cause nostalgia from the first time. Famous Cocoa and Coffee ingredients with
    A wide variety of taste options provide the definition of a perfect, individual taste.

  • Fresh cakes out of the oven every day. Sip with tea and water.

  • Dedicated and professional service staff.



Cacao Bata is also a beautiful and famous cafe. The shop is not too large, but the space is very beautiful and quiet thanks to the classic design style with the main warm brown colour. Coming here, you will be immersed in a quiet and comfortable space to completely relax and release your spirit.



I like the decor with the warm tones of the coffee shop, it creates a great background for me to check in with the pictures. The shop is located on Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street, quite easy to find. In addition to water, there are also super pretty but equally delicious cakes. In the evening, the restaurant has tables and chairs on the sidewalk, giving you a very comfortable feeling even in the middle of a busy, noisy street watching people pass by.
Pros: fast drink making, easy to find facade, acceptable price.
Cons: the restaurant is quite small, the tables and chairs and the processing area are close together, if it can be separated, it's better;

☕️ Kiot 7, No. 5, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, An Hoi, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho
(Go from the direction of Hoa Binh Boulevard 100m - opposite Tra Bac range)
�� Open time : 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

This is an entry for the Coffee Stories series #SpillTheBeans contest. Thanks for reading my post. Wish you all good health.


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