All humans have a conscience.


Renee got back from work remembering how emotional she got earlier in the day. She remembered how she cried, However, she knew that sometimes unfair things happen in life.

Pollina Zimmerman

LILLIAN: What happened?

Her roommate Lillian asked as she saw how gloomy her friend's face was.

RENEE:* Renee replied saying*

As usual, I followed the school bus this morning although I was 8 minutes late but got to the school bus anyway. During the assembly period, I received a call from the school bus manager saying that a parent called him to report me.

Lillian: To report you! What did you do?

Renee continued.

At first, I wondered what I had done that made the parent call to report me. While I was thinking about it, a parent came to my mind.

There is a parent who has three kids and one of them is very chubby. I noticed that she isn't always happy whenever the school bus comes to pick up her children because the bus seats are always already occupied. Just like every other day, she showed that expression today.

LILLIAN: Really! Lillian responded.

RENEE: Yes!... The manager called me on the phone and the first thing he said was that a parent told him that I didn't open the door for her children.

I felt very bad when he told me that because I remember that I was on my phone, I didn't even have data this morning and I remember clearly that I opened the door immediately after we got to their house. *

I was so sure of myself and needed to meet the bus manager to explain it all. After receiving the call, I decided to go meet him but I had to take permission from the headmistress.

When I got to the headmistress's office, she asked me to explain what happened and why I needed to go meet the School Bus manager.

I explained all to her but she wasn't willing or ready to listen to the point I had to make. The school bus manager had already gotten to the headmistress's office and joined in the conversation.

I don't know why but this man effortlessly lied against me.

(Renee explained to her friend with a feeling of disgust and annoyance)


He lied saying he complains about me every day and he mentioned that he also complained today.

The headmistress had stopped me from saying anything, so I allowed the manager to lie as much as he wanted.

In my mind, I thought to myself, " unless he doesn't have a conscience but if it does, then his conscience should judge him well". Renees said as she ended her narration.

She wasn't sure why he acted that way but wasn't cool with it at all. She felt so bad and got so emotional that she couldn't stop herself from crying.

LILLIAN: That wasn't nice at all, what was he trying to achieve with that?
Lillian asked, feeling sorry for her friend.

RENEE: I have my flaws and I respect when people tell me where I have erred rather than exaggerate. Renee said as she tried not to feel sad anymore.

She decided to change the topic as they discussed a series on Netflix which was trending.

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The next day, Renee got prepared for work as usual and in no time, she was on her way

On getting to the school where she works, the school bus manager called her again. In her mind, she wondered what she had done this time.

When she got to where he was, he apologized to her. She didn't believe it but it happened anyway.

He apologized and explained to her saying that he had to say all he said because he was avoiding a situation whereby the headmistress would say that he isn't doing his job well.

After the apology, Renee felt happy afterward, not just because he apologized but because she saw that he was remorseful and she was able to confirm that humans have a conscience.

She remembered the relationship with her ex.

She thought about how he would lie about things and say them more than they were to gain favor for himself. She remembered how they would have misunderstandings and he would go to his friends and exaggerate about things.

When the bus manager did the same thing, she couldn't say anything at that time because she was avoiding a situation where she would be termed rude.

She felt happy afterward knowing that he had apologized and realized that he was wrong. She was also convinced that whoever does something wrong knows it and has a conscience that judges them unless they are just wicked.