How do we stop them?


Everyone has been given the power of choice, you have a choice and I have a choice too. It goes with the saying that you can force a horse to the river but can't force it to drink water. Whether it decides to drink or not, the fact remains that it is its choice.

A few days ago, while I was at work, a client came into work. While he worked out, he had several breaks to catch his breath. While he was doing this, I heard him ask me this; What is your opinion about the girls that were caught sleeping with dogs because of money?

This news has been trending for some time now, I haven't seen the video and I don't want to. Usually, when I hear that a thing is trending, I would search it up to know what it is about but for some reason, I wasn't moved to check this one.

The very first time I heard the news, I was like, WHY!
Why would they go do a thing like this because of money?

It's in the scripture that money answers all things and the love of money is the root of all evil.

Everyone needs money in this life, we need money to live. Even though we are not able to live a luxurious life, we need money to be able to afford the basic things we need in life and that's because of how our world is.

But should Kill ourselves because of money, is it worth sleeping with dogs?

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The general crimes committed by youth these days, if it is properly analyzed, one would see that much thought was not put into consideration, youth involve themselves in criminal acts because of the things they see on the surface.

There is what I call surface thinking and depth thinking.

Surface thinking: Those who think like this are only moved by what they see on the surface, they don't look deep to see how good and how bad it is.

Depth Thinking: Those who think like think are not moved by the surface, they take a very close look to see and understand all that they need to know.

Speaking about the girls that had sex with dogs, what if they contact a very deadly disease that would require them to spend all that money? Let's assume there is no disease, Will they be able to spend that money well?

It is so shameful. They had a choice and that was their choice which is to sleep with a dog in exchange for money.

The client asked about my thoughts on it and here was what I said, what they did was very wrong, all for the sake of money. They decided to cut corners instead of working to earn money, they don't want to stress themselves or probably do not want to be employees under any boss.

The client responded and asked me, what if they has no choice and that was the only choice they had?

I replied disagreeing with that statement by saying that EVERYONE HAS A CHOICE.

Going through shortcuts was their choice. They have legs, and hands, and can talk and exercise. What's stopping them from working?

The same applied to those who kill fellow humans because of money. It makes me wonder what had made some humans so heartless.

I think that crimes among youths today have increased because they don't have patience. They want everything now.

Another reason is the act of wanting to be like others.

I understand that our government is bad and as it is, nothing is working in my country, the government is making life hard for the citizens. Imagine students who are supposed to be in school learning so they can graduate in due time, they are all at home because of the so-called ASUU STRIKE. Only God knows how long this will go on. Notwithstanding, I won't blame the government for the crimes of the youths today, rather I would say that they had the choice to follow the good path but still went through the wrong path.


To stop crimes, parents need to play their role well and the governments also need to play their role well.

Youths should be connected to caring adults and activities, their skills should be strengthened, and quality education can't be ruled out.

Above all, Prayers. The youths need prayers to be able to make the right choice.

PS: The contest for this post topic by hive learners has ended, however I thought to share my opinion after seeing the topic as I've been quite busy of late.


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It is funny how after people do despicable things for this money, they end up taking pictures and posting them on the gram. As in, you will buy a car and you will take more pictures inside it than you will even get to drive it. When you go clubbing or partying, instead of you having a good time, you will be making videos and taking pictures.
This just goes to show that they do not want these things for themselves, they only want them to show others that they have them.
And that is a sad trend, really.
Thank you for sharing this with us.