How seriously do you take your health and fitness?


A few Hivers who have visited my recent blog posts would notice that I've been publishing posts about health and fitness.

Why have I been doing that?

I feel that understanding all about our health and being fit is very important. The physical activities or exercises we do can help reduce the risks of developing several diseases like cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Engaging in physical activities and exercise can improve the quality of one's life.

It is also important to keep fit to feel and function better day to day.

Jared Rice

I'm certain that the goal of 99.9% of people in this world is to stay healthy and stay fit as they grow old. Nobody wants to be heavy, and unhealthy, OR IS THERE, ANYONE, LIKE THAT HERE? hehe

A few days ago, I decided to learn some exercises so that when clients come into the gym center, I wouldn't look like I do not know what to do. So as I tried doing the jumping jacks exercise, I noticed that lifting my body effortlessly was a challenge. I could jump, however, I could still feel that I was heavy and from what I was told, if one is feeling heavy, there is a problem and there's a need to go see the doctor.

I won't be going to see the doctor though, I am just going to take the exercises I have been doing recently seriously. I'm certain that if I am consistent with doing those exercises, I will feel lighter.

Derrick Kinney

Now to the point of this post.


Ziza Senewo is a woman of many sides. She is a certified Naturopathic doctor/physical therapist, licensed by the Lagos state traditional medicine board (CAM). A dance and fitness coach/consultant.

She is the Director at Ziza Health Care and Wellness Hub. Also a lecturer at the Optimal School of Natural Medicine. She coaches at Ziza Gym and Dance studio

Her journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor started as a seed about 37 years ago when she started dancing at the age of 17 years. Her love for dance led fitness to wellness and then to health.

She is a convener of the Top total Heart Health forum, a group dedicated to the overall health of men and women in Nigeria. She is also a partner @ Yanayi organic food house, a company dedicated to researching and providing organic healthy products. Over the years, in conjunction with her partner Mrs. Fatiima Abdulkareem, Ziza has trained and guided many on how to adopt a natural alternative diet by reducing to the barest minimum overly processed foods and an artificial diet.
This has yielded many success stories and testimonies of a turnaround in health conditions and even weight control from her platforms both online and at her wellness center.

Ndifreke is a counselor by nature, she loves to help people navigate through difficult situations. Using all the skills at her disposal, she continues to offer mentoring and humanitarian care to the less privileged, the downtrodden, and the poor in society.

She is married to Engr Gbenga SENEWO and they are blessed with two adorable children (Arete and Glory Senewo)

Watch out for Yoga Classic by ziza.

Carl Barcelo

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Also read: How to know what to eat and what not to eat.

The source of the information in the posts linked above is Dr. Ziza. Stay tuned for more updates on health and fitness.


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