My First Time And It Turned Out Well.

I've been taking photos of subjects that caught my attention and you can see them included in my garden posts here on Hive. I take photos naturally in a normal way which is colored and when I read about some post regarding the monomad challenge, I immediately tried to take some photos in black and white.

At first, it seems to me that the photos has no vibe or whatsoever but when I finished taking some, that thought changed and concluded that it has it's own flavor which is pretty awesome to me.

Moving on, here are the shots that I took this day and this is my entry for the #monomad challenge of Black and White Community hosted by @monochromes. If you want to join here's the link to the post.

A Blazing Fire


Our way of cooking food has been ugraded to some certain point and we can't even imagine that it's possible but for you to know, we are still cooking our foods using firewoods and I can say that the foods cook by it have a unique taste.

When I cooked our rice this afternoon, I got a thought of capturing the fire and here's the result. Looks amazing to me with those flames that are alive.



I really loved to have pets in my care and I've shown some of them in my past blogs here. I have dogs, cats and the chicken that I rescued in the river. What you see above is my cat, the daughter of my cat Shizu. She's really growing fast and you know she loves vegetables especially malunggay or moringa leaves.




I watered my Chili plant this morning and as expected she's with me everywhere I go. She's very playful as you can see in the photo, she really loves to bite my fingers whenever I try to touch her back lol.


She's really cute in these black and white. Do you have pets too?

Pack Of Mushrooms



Since it rained last night I already expect that there's a lot of mushrooms that will pop out in our surroundings and that thought turned to be true as I wandered around this morning.

Beside a decomposing mango tree, I found a pack of mushrooms but sadly they are not edible. They are the one that turns into like an ink when withered. There's a lot of them and I just hoped that they are edible so I can gather and cook them.


In a not far away area, my eyes caught something standing within the grass and when I go near it, it's a lonely mushroom that is standing proudly that even if it's alone, still it attracts a lot of admirer and I'm of them. The ants are also climbing it's stem and resting under it's umbrella due to the blazing rays of the sun.

The Calachuchi


I really admire flowers for their natural beauty that attracts a lot of lovers. That Calachuchi plant owns by my grandmother and this morning I noticed that it's has flowers already. In this one, the spiral pattern of it's flower is really cool.

A Memory


It rained this afternoon here in our place and because of that we get my cousin in her school. As we entered the gate, I saw something that brought back the memories when I was still a kid and a student in this particular school. My school before is the school where my cousin studies now.

What I saw was the vehicle of the ice cream vendor. I'm happy to see one because it's been a long time since I saw one due to the pandemic. I'm sad at the same time because the rain is becoming a hindrance for the vendor to sell some ice cream but that's business, there are obstacles.

That concludes my entry for the challenge and I thank you for reading friends.


Cute black and white photos! I like the mushrooms the most, hehe! Your cat seems to be malambing, Jhe!

I might try black and white photography, too! !PIZZA, for you, Jhe!