How the Axie Infinity game is changing the blockchain


This is a how to for gamers who wanna make their first step into the blockchain “playtoearn” gaming world and developers for growing their ecosystem ideas into it.


As a gamer you need at least 3 Axies to start playing, you can get the Axies on the Marketplace but before having a look at the cute pokemon-like creatures you need to consider them as assets, both for gaming and for NFT trading.
After setting your account up you can start to collect your Axies to1. battle, breed or trade.

Since yesterday there's a scholarship program for new players, read the whole article to understand how to enter for free!


Each Axie has 4 traits to consider called “stats”, these depend primarily on the class (like a Pokemon) and secondly on the physical features of the Axie itself.
To play the game you pick the right cards for each of your Axies, enabling the feature in has. For a detailed guide on how each class impacts the stats for your Axie refer to this sheet.

The game mechanics are very similar to other card games, you need to play the correct cards for your Axies in order to kill the enemy you’re facing in a turn. Strategy is based on the positioning of the Axies in the team and on the choice of cards.

game mechanics
game mechanics1
game mechanics2
game mechanics3
If you're interested in the math behind battling here is the link for you.
While a battle is going on you’ll see some icons on your Axies, these are called Buffs when positive and Debuffs when negative and are the results of Ability cards played for each Axie, check their value here.

Breeding aka earning and trading game

Let’s look at how the breeding process works, this won’t be as detailed as the Breeding Guide but is useful to get an overview.

Breeding Axies generates offspring that can be used in battle or sold in the marketplace and is done by most of the traders that operate on the Axie marketplace.

Breeding Axies costs .005 ETH as well as Small Love Potions (SML), a token that can be bought and swapped on Uniswap; each Axie can be bred 7 times.
Small Love Potions can be earned by playing the game in PvE Adventure mode as well as in the PvP Arena. Once you earn them, you can sync them to your wallet from this page.

If you don’t want to use your potions to breed, you can instantly sell them on Uniswap.

Recently Axie Infinity has opened a scholarship program on discord, to help new users with smaller budgets get started. This is done by giving a new user access to an account with a team of Axies to play with. In return for the game play the users will be sent the SLP tokens earned through their gameplay. The program’s estimated weekly earnings are 500 SLP per player.

The rules of breeding:
Small Love Potions

Each potion in the image is worth 100SLP coins, this is the main scheme of costs for breeding an Axie.

  • Siblings cannot breed together and Parents cannot breed with their offspring.
  • The cost to breed two Axies will be based on the breed count of both parents. For example, two Axies that have 6 breeds each will require 2,600 Small Love Potions to breed.
    There are “special kinds” of Axies, like Origin and MEO Axies that don’t require love potions to breed, 0 breed Axies are called “Virgin”.
    When breeding remember you need to breed Axies for battle! Be sure to mix their physical traits in the right way for the resulting Axie to be competitive.
    The main rule here is that each Axie has 6 body parts as well as a body shape. For each part, an Axie possesses 3 genes. A dominant (D), recessive (R1), and minor recessive gene (R2).
    As for classes, the new Axie will have a 50% chance to be of the class of each parent.
    Axies are non-fungible tokens also, so you’re gonna find many Axies bred for how they look in the store, just for the sake of selling them as pieces of art, that’s your choice as a trader!

The Land a future arena for devs

The Axie world is called Lunacia, a new isometric gaming paradigm and a new blockchain without GAS fees (loom ethereum).
To buy the land in the marketplace follow this tut.

Lunacia was launched on the 21st of january 2019.


Land sold out quickly when it was first released and playing there with Axies makes you eligible for special rewards such as luna earnings, one of the two land's tokens.
The luna tokens are spread between players and land owners when the game is played on the new land battlefield.
In the land there are assets called Items that enable special interactions for your plot of land (choose them wisely as they only work on certain classes of land matching their class).
Other special interactions for your axies are enabled by roads, rivers, food shops and potion shops, these are just some examples of what’s in the roadmap.

The Axie team is setting up a chance for developers to create buildings on the land and to setup their own gameplay along with Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), a token that just launched on BinanceBinance which will enable DAO governance of the platform.
For further reading see the complete token whitepaper here.

While creating your Axie game remember this

Custom games for the world will be buildable on a map editor which is connected to the land SDK.
Chimera battlers for rare NFTs will be reachable through special buildings called Dungeons


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