TeamPH, THGaming, Pimp and Crypto-Shots event stream today, with some amazing prizes! Links in this post.

Join the Twitch Stream hosted by @damour @damienwolf @mochilub

Just a reminder that in 1 hour there will be a Twitch stream for the Splinterlands Tournament Sponsored by (and in partnership with) @team-philippines, @thgaming, @tokenpimp and

Feel free to read the full announcement Post here, or just pop into this Twitch Channel at 7am EST to join in on the festivites. It'll be a 1.5 hour stream so there is plenty of time to join!

Here is the promo video I designed for the Tournament. What do you think?

Even if you haven't Entered the Tournament (which has now finished), I highly recommend joining the stream so that you can see some epic battles and win some amazing prizes, including gaming assets as well as $TEAMPH and $THGAMING tokens!

Here are the @splinterlands Card available to be Won :

All of these cards will be available on the 'Wheel of Fortune' so any of them can be grabbed by the Twitch Viewers today!

Here are the @cryptoshots.nft Packs you can Win :

We will be giving away 2 x pack Valued at 14 HIVE each!

Hope to see lots of people in the Stream today! I might even make an appearance on Twitch although it's been a while 😁 Good luck for your End of Season results everyone.

Here is the Twitch Stream link :

As always...Trade safely, Game hard!



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