Then Came HIVE

The most important thing in my quest to make an impact with my online marketing was to focus on personal branding first and foremost.

I believe that it takes the pressure off of me ten-fold.

Perhaps, it's the easy way out; but I'm ok with that.

You see, I'm just a simple guy who has been fortunate to be liked by most people. I know this only, because folks never hold back telling me so and for some reason always want me around.

I'm sociable, but I adore my personal space and can only take so much of being around tons of people or visiting someone at their home constantly, etc.

But when I'm in those sociable situations folks gravitate to me, they love talking to me, I make people laugh, people feel comfortable around me, etc.

That was huge for me navigating life in the streets back in New York when shit was crazy. I was in those streets when hip hop was in it's infancy and I was listening to rap before it even hit the radio airwaves. Yes, I'm showing my age.

The streets and subsequently the party night life did me in, because it prevented me from always getting over the hump of long-term success.

What is incredible about life is that you are given multiple chances to make the right decisions that will shape who you are.

So my battles fall in line with the type of negative things that happen when you prioritize them streets, the partying and the extra curriculars that bend your mind.

But, you keep fighting through all that shit if you know deep in you heart that life is more than that. Of course, some of us learn later in life than others.

So ebbing and flowing from gutter to elevation is a fucking trip. I mean, I've been raised in a household that relied on a government check and I've owned a co-op in Yonkers, New York. I've worked in a bodega and I've worked on Wall Street. I've lived in a basement and I've had a house built in the mountains of the Poconos. I've worked in a factory with my late grandmother and worked on Madison Avenue and got a taste of a better life because of it.

The point is, that I've lived both sides of the coin.

My ultimate center for the last nine years has been my health and fitness journey. That grounded me and definitely gave me a clearer perspective on what is possible when you feel good physically and mentally.

It hasn't been perfect, but has been life changing.

I'm now working on finding that sweet spot of building something that I can retire on with Tiffany. As her boys get older, we continue to formulate our long-term plan to move to Sarasota, Florida and out of Central Florida.

We've taken a lot of hits, so to say that relying on our paychecks as employees and whatever is due to us when we retire will probably force us to still work well into our retirement age.

My mission now is to make sure that if we do, it's because we want to do so not because we have to.

Tiffany always says that she wouldn't mind being a crossing guard or work in an antique shop when she gets to retirement age.

I on the other hand, had my heart set on growing an income using the internet.

That is why I came back to online marketing.

Losing the first time gave me a fire to succeed the second time around.

The road to all that brought me to CLICK.TRACK.PROFIT and how I wanted to get to the next level in my affiliate marketing and list building.

Then Came HIVE.

That in reality, knocked me off course or did it?

I'm working through that as I write this.

The last few weeks, I've started asking myself have I made that mistake again?

Have I done the FOMO move?

The going for the brand new shiny object move?

It did, but not in a bad way.

I truly believe that if it wasn't because of my delving more into CTP that I probably would never get to that next big step. That impactful move that makes a dramatic change in one's journey.

What is great about being on HIVE is that I'm still working on finding my way with online marketing and still continue to put personal branding at the forefront, because it allows me to feel free to pivot unapologetically without feeling like I'm abandoning my ultimate goals.

Is it clear to others what are my objectives? Is my content too broad? Am I selling anything? Am I teaching anything? Do I have any clear fucking direction? LOL.

Well let's see.

Before HIVE, my goal was to build a huge list and generate affiliate commissions by selling other people's stuff that I believed in, because of my own experiences with those products or services.

I upgraded my membership at CTP, because I wanted to elevate my chances in doing that.

I was introduced to HIVE by being a member of CLICK.TRACK.PROFIT and just like my health and fitness journey it changed things a bit for me - in a very positive way.

So, what matters to me most at this very moment is that HIVE continues to thrive and that I do my part to contribute to this amazing blockchain by thriving on HIVE through the efforts of the CTP Ambassador that I believe I am.

Can I do a better job? Yes!

Am I proud of what I have done so far on HIVE? YES YES!!

Will I stop working hard on doing better and more? HELL NO!!!


Let's Gooooooooooooooooo!!!

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I'm an upgraded member and use the following services:



Then Came HIVE.

That changed things for me quite notably, too. It catalulyzed a stong shift in attention, focus, and effort, once I clearly grokked the overflowing opportunities and potential of Hive. A year later I'm more all in than ever, and I'm very excited to grow and unfold my own potential here, so that I can then turn around and help others succeed here as I have. Thanks again Jimmy for another great post!


I love it here and I have had more success here than anything else I have ever done online before. But, I still don't talk about it with anyone outside of here. Probably because I'd be absolutely drained trying to explain it to them. How can you make a living online not selling anything?! I know I made the right choice following this path and I am just going to keep moving forward.