Enjoying the Beauty of the Sea with the Sunrise Phenomenon

Hello hive friends all. Nice to see joelibra again in this #nature-lovers community On this occasion I will write and share some pictures about the beauty of nature, especially the beauty of the sea panorama in the morning and also the beautiful panorama of the sunrise.

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On a beautiful morning I went to enjoy the natural beauty on the beach which is located in the area where I live and I traveled about 25 minutes by riding a motorbike at standard speed, the place I went to was the sea where the Krueng Mane fish landed, North Aceh district, Aceh province Indonesia, the sea in that place is directly adjacent to Malaysia and is commonly called the Malacca Strait.

When I got there that morning around 6.30 aceh time and at that time the sun had not yet risen and I didn't wait long, finally the sun gradually appeared from the northeast and I didn't waste the opportunity.

As we know that the sea is a very beautiful place and there is a lot of beauty that we can see if we are on the beach, one of which is the panoramic view of the beautiful sunrise.

Of course, all of my friends have seen the panoramic beauty of the sunrise every morning, but it is very much different if we pay attention to it from the seaside because there is a very beautiful and enchanting effect, and also every day the panoramic view of the beauty of the sunrise always changes, not the same between today and yesterday.

In the following I will share some pictures of the beauty of the sea with a very beautiful sunrise panorama. Have a good time watching.

The panorama of the sea that I took when the sun was rising in the northeast, with this view added to the beauty of the sea in the morning, the beauty of the sunrise is very clear when we look at it from the sea but if there are clouds then you can see only the light.

On the edge of the sea there are also rocks that are deliberately placed and these rocks function as breakwaters, according to information that these large rocks are deliberately imported from mountainous rocks which are transported by dump trucks and the rocks are neatly arranged using heavy excavators and rocks it is called by the name of the elephant stone because the size of the stone is very large like an elephant.

And on the edge of the beach is used by fishermen to park their fishing boats and there are lots of large and small boats, every day fishermen go to sea and bring home a lot of catches of fish in that place which is also called the Fish Landing Place.

In this very beautiful morning, fishermen are active by catching fish both in the middle of the sea and on the beach, as shown in the picture above, one of the fishermen is paying attention to the condition of the sea water which is receding at that time, and the fisherman is waiting for small fish to approach the edge. beach. and when fish like anchovies approach the beach, the fishermen will catch them using nets

to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the sea, we can take a special road built by the local government and this road leads to the middle of the sea and the road is about 500 to 800 meters long from the beach so that if we go to the end of the road we will see a very beautiful view and the road in the middle of the sea it is also useful as a wave barrier so that sea water does not enter residential areas.

Those are some pictures about the beauty of the sea in the morning with a panoramic view of the sunrise, hopefully this post can cheer up all of you and thank you for the support from all of you.
See you in my next post, of course, in this great community
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I took all the pictures in this post using a Samsung brand mobile camera and edited the pictures using the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom application so that the pictures look clearer and more attractive.

I wrote this post in Indonesian and then I translated it into English using the help of Google Translate