Showing the Beauty and Uniqueness of Ladybugs insects


hello hive friends all Welcome to meet again with joelibra in this beloved community I am very happy that I can still meet and post in this beloved community On this very happy occasion I would like to present some pictures about the beauty and uniqueness of ladybugs that I photographed a few days ago in a field where plants grow.

Hive friends that I honor
A few days ago I was walking through the streets in the village where I live and I passed an empty field that was not planted with plants and while looking for something I could photograph and suddenly I saw a very beautiful and sweet insect and this insect has the name ladybugs and in my area called ladybugs.

Of course, our friends are very familiar with these ladybugs because these insects have very beautiful and attractive colors and we often encounter these insects in small forests and also in empty fields owned by farmers, these insects eat young leaves and grass shoots.

Ladybugs are a type of insect that has a very beautiful body color with a reddish base color and is combined with black spots that add to the beauty of this insect.

Nowadays there are lots of insect hunters and these insects are very expensive and now many people keep these ladybugs.

All right, friends, now let's see some pictures about the beauty and uniqueness of ladybugs, I hope my friends will be entertained.

That's what I shared on this occasion, hopefully it will be useful. and thanks for the visit and support from all friends.
See you in my next post, of course, in this great community
Thank You
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I took the pictures in this post using a Samsung mobile camera and edited the pictures using the Adobe Lightroom application

I wrote the writing in this post in Indonesian and I translated it in English using the help of Google Translate.