The beauty of Mr. Puncung's insect during marriage

good afternoon hive friends happy to see joelibra again in this beloved community I am very happy that I can still meet and post with all my friends on this occasion I will share some of the beautiful pictures that I took a few days ago, namely the beauty of Mr. Puncunt's insects making love on a tree, the pictures that I share are very interesting and very pleasing to all of us.

of course my friends are familiar with the insects that I share in this post because we get so many of these insects in trees or in small forests and we often see them in the forest, and these insects live in groups in very large quantities, there is no doubt about the beauty of this insect because this insect has a very bright color, namely a reddish color combined with whitish and black people, so this is very very interesting.

I found this Mr. Puncung insect when I went for a walk on a rural road in my village and I passed through a small forest and I noticed a lot of attacks from Mr. Puncung in the grass and on small trees and they were all resting and also carrying out mating with each other and in carrying out their marriage I see that they stick together for a long time so there is a strange thing about these animals or insects, namely that their backs are always sticky during marriage.

all right, friends, let's take a look at the picture of Mr. Puncung, who is getting married or is breeding, I hope the pictures I share can please all of my friends

those are some pictures that I can share in this post, of course, in this beloved community and thank you for the visits and support from all my friends,
and see you in my next post, of course, in this beloved community
Thank You
send regards for success


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