wrong investment decision is a thief in the night


To make a wrong investment decision, I call it a thief in the night because by the time you realize it, it would be as if it was not you who proposed it, when an investor invests his fund in a business and expect returns, then the return comes out null, so it can hurt a lot.

What is a thief? Being a thief is like taking financial instruments from you without your consent, where you will think every day that passes, if you were still the one who integrated this transaction or if you were being used, when the results don't come out as you planned, then the investment is like a thief in the night who comes to you and then takes your funds without you even knowing the decision you have made.

The night in this context speaks of the dark times, where you hardly saw people's faces, the methods they used will be difficult for you to predict, some people hardly live in this kind of situation, when they mistakenly get into this mess of put their Funds in the wrong way thinking that what they are doing is Investment.

Each and every year, people suffer difficulties at the hands of the wrong decisions they make in their business, some of those bad decisions will lead to the end of their business, while others will keep the investor in a place where he can hardly recover. but few used another trick and thus recover their lost funds in the wrong hand of Investment and learned a bitter lesson of not wanting to try something like that again in their years of managing their business operations.

What is the use of not falling into a bad investment decision

It is good for one to have a boss in every field one is in because someone who is a boss has already been in that field for a long time and has learned lessons, now he would use his lessons in the business field to guide his servant. then prevent his servant from falling into the hands of a wrong investment decision which is also known as going in a wrong direction, experience as we see it so small sometimes are great tools when you need them, you may not know until you are the victim of a wrong investment decision.

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