Wrong investment decisions are the reason for low income



Every day comes with its own challenges, but it is up to us to speculate on which challenges to follow first and which ones to reach later, the problem that most people have is wanting to solve all the challenges at once and these are the reasons why wrong financial decisions are make.

The facts is that Investing is good but taking all your funds to the wrong lane is like throwing everything away, I once borrowed money from a bank with the help of my uncle who served as a guarantor, I got the money and it was used for my business, however, I was making progress, but it didn't hurt. Imagine how difficult it was when the payment due date to the bank arrived.

Although I was still paying the money to the bank, looking at my calendar since I started the business, how much I paid the bank and the level of stock I would have available, it just made me realize that it really wasn't a good plan as a beginner in business.

I mean that the money should not be obtained from a commercial house, it could have been from another person, like a friend or relative, that can be pay back without interests because by returning the Interests and the capital to the bank, it does not allow any growth to the business and rather keeps the business in an extreme where the growth seems hard to get.

Loan is good but not so good as a beginner in the business, those who were already in the business can adapt to getting loans from banks but as a beginner in this medium getting loans from bank is not actually encouraging, to avoid stagnant in business.