Today I ordered 3 student cards


Hello everyone. Are all the cities okay? Crypto prices are going up a bit these days. Our HIVE prices have also risen slightly. As HIVE prices rose slightly, so did SIM prices. As the price goes up, writing is encouraged. When prices are down, writing is hard work. I try to write one piece a day, no matter what the situation. Wouldn't that increase incomes?


Today I have to order some student cards to increase my income level. These days, the price of Student Cards is going up a lot. Therefore, it is not possible to buy directly. I will order student cards.


Ordering is done as usual. I'm trying to keep my income level in the top 40 and above. If you are in the Top 40 and above, your daily HIVE Income will be above 1 HIVE.

Today I will stop there. It will come again in the coming days with more to share. Take care of everyone's health. I do not want to be discouraged by economic hardships. After the bad, the good will come.

See You Soon