Today My Income Level reached Top 40



Hello to all HIVE Blockchain Gamers. I think everyone will be fine. I think everyone is upset at this time (when crypto prices are falling). The price is all down. Not only are cryptocurrencies declining, but stock prices are falling. Combined with the aftermath of Covid's disease and the war, the economy will not recover.

I'm been playing the #dcity game for a while now. Although difficult at first, it has now become quite comfortable. I get SIM income every day. Get new cards every day. I get HIVE Income every day. The daily HIVE exposure from #dcity is about 2HIVE. (It is likely that the value will be lower as the token prices are falling)

Today, my income level has reached the Top 40. It's fun to be in the Top 40 of many players. We need to try to make it more convenient.

You can also get Student (debt) cards for training on student cards. The value of the new cards received from the #dcity game is around 3000 SIM per day. (Value may vary due to different daily availability)

That is all I want to share today. See you in the coming days. All is well.