Rising Star Diary #2 [level 98 rank 507] My grind to third area.


Hello welcome to my SecondRising Star Journey Post!

I am JohnRipper and I have been playing Rising star since around January. I am humbled by the supportive and amazing community this game has built. I would like to record my progress I so I could one day look back at how far I have progressed.





Previous UpdateCurrent StatsGain
StarBits from missions04168+4168
Total Missions28382884+46
Illegal Busking305310+5
Open Mic Night423427+4
Mid Week Support60600
Licensed Busking11110
Midweek Headline Slot14140
Saturday Support13130
Saturday Headline41410
Radio Interview678692+14
Radio Studio Session192193+1
Shopping Mall Performance276283+7
Record A Demo20200
Local Festival Acoustic Tent550
Local Mini Tour Support550
Band Auditions990
STARBITS Millionaire5759+2
Promote Fan Club9495+1
Basic Singing Lesson15150
Guitar Lesson48480
Orchestral Lesson5769+12
Production Lesson85850
Piano Lesson2192190
Drum Lesson220
Road Crew Lesson000

Since my last update I have completed 46 Total Missions, 5 Illegal Busking, 4 Open Mic Night, 14 Radio Interview, 1 Radio Studio Session, 7 Shopping Mall Performance, 2 STARBITS Millionaire, 1 Promote Fan Club, 12 Orchestral Lesson.

I also bought some fan cards from the market but not much. I spent around 19k star bits.


Current Goals

I have 3 promote fan club missions to do before the 100 milestone. My ego is back to 0% but I feel like I should beef up my skill some more. I am currently saving 100k star bits for 12 card packs. I currently have 14168 star bits to spend if I include millionaire mission star bits.


Other thoughts regarding millionaire changes.

The star bits millionaire card is being updated on the 27th. The mechanics will force players to gain at least 100 fans with the 10k star bits they receive. Current RSG prices for cheap fan cards go for 62 star bits per fan. As long as this number is below 100 the millionaire card is still profitable. I believe this was a good change. The other way was clearly unsustainable for the life of the game. I also see the point of players staying on the earlier island mission areas. The point of the game is to progress. These changes will also most definitely affect card prices. I wouldnt be surprised if the new prices next month are 90 star bits per fan. Every millionaire is going to be either buying up market cards for maximum fan gains or buying card packs for a chance to get lucky and get epics and legendaries. My goal is to get as many fan cards as possible while they are still cheap and obtainable.