Rising Star Diary #3 [level 99 rank 492] - FC7 unlocked! Upcoming New Mission?!!



Hello welcome to my Third Rising Star Journey Post!

I am JohnRipper and I have been playing Rising star since around January. I am humbled by the supportive and amazing community this game has built. I would like to record my progress I so I could one day look back at how far I have progressed.

Previous Post: https://peakd.com/hive-131619/@johnripper/rising-star-diary-2-level





I am almost at my goal of level 100!

Previous UpdateCurrent StatsGain
StarBits from missions41687270+3102
Total 1M67670
Total Missions28842927+43
Illegal Busking310319+9
Open Mic Night427431+4
Mid Week Support60600
Licensed Busking11110
Midweek Headline Slot14140
Saturday Support13130
Saturday Headline41410
Radio Interview692702+10
Radio Studio Session193194+1
Shopping Mall Performance283284+1
Record A Demo20200
Local Festival Acoustic Tent550
Local Mini Tour Support550
Band Auditions990
STARBITS Millionaire590+-59
Promote Fan Club95101+6
Basic Singing Lesson15150
Guitar Lesson48480
Orchestral Lesson6980+11
Production Lesson85850
Piano Lesson2192190
Drum Lesson220
Road Crew Lesson000

Since my last update I have completed 43 Total Missions, 9 Illegal Busking, 4 Open Mic Night, 10 Radio Interview, 1 Radio Studio Session, 1 Shopping Mall Performance, 1 STARBITS Millionaire, 6 Promote Fan Club, 11 Orchestral Lesson.



Goals achieved!!!

I have now done over 100 promote fan club missions and have officially unlocked the FC7 Card!!!


I am the 41st person in the game to unlock this card so I am really early. This is motivating for me because I never really been this early in a crypto project/game before.

Why is the FC7 card good?

It will help me during the release of the record signing mission. The more FC cards I have unlocked, the more chances I have to earn fan cards. There is even a small chance for a legendary level card to be unlocked through this.


Current Goals

  • ✔️ 100 promote fan club missions FC7 unlocked. 6/10/2022
  • ❌ 125 Promote Fan Club missions FC8 unlocked.
  • ❌ 27k / 100k Star bits for daily Card Pack openings.
  • ❌ 99/100 Level.


Other thoughts [regarding Fan club changes. ]

I think this is an amazing addition to the game. Giving a crypto utility is key for success. I knew it was only a matter of time before Star Pro got more utility but this double update has turned a bearish time in the market into a bullish time for those who play Rising Star. During the Millionaire update we got utility to star pro by getting bonus star bits for holding star pro. During This update, it makes performing the Promote Fan Club missions more worth it. The new record signing mission will require progression in the promote fan club missions to take full advantage. This will increase demand in star pro. Great news for those who like doing music promoter.

Thank you for reading my post.

I appreciate any tips and will tip back. Feel free to ask any questions about the game and I will do my best to help new players.


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