#45: To my Friends - keep striving !


Hello Hivians

Recently,I pondered about my life. I've always wanted to be a photographer,a graphic designer,a web developer,a videographer,a writer,a GIS expert,a data scientist and a lecturer.
I think of how I'd achieve all of this before I get older , but then everyday it seems I'm not going any further with my dreams,it seems I'm not working towards it.


Now here's a challenge most of us face,we have great potential,we have great dreams but then we feel inadequate to achieve them. We get distracted as well,we see our peers making waves and we feel like we're not even good enough.
We feel like they are better than us, it's unfortunate that some of us bow to this pressure of making it so big; a lot of people have gotten into illegal, illicit, and even diabolical things just to get successful so fast,they don't think of the consequences. They just jump in and make hasty, unguided decisions that could ruin their lives or leave them with regrets for a long time.


It's a nice thing to have big dreams, have innovative ideas, it's good to have plans, trust me,no one wants to suffer, everyone just wants to be comfortable and make it. But then I'd advise: trend slowly, take things easy, follow your dreams meticulously,guard your heart, please don't bow to pressure,it might not be as rosy as it seems, there's always a price for everything and there's no guarantee that if you get successful in the wrong way it will last.


I believe success is enjoyed for long when it's legit. I've decided that I'm never going to bow to pressure,I can achieve my dreams if I don't give up,no matter how long it takes I will make it and be all I've ever dreamed of becoming.


The most important thing is being in synergy with God,he comes first before success,I listen to good advice from godly and learned people as well,I ask questions when I'm not clear on something,I write an idea down immediately so I do not forget,I read wide and again,I put God first.

Do you believe you can be all you want to be, that's a push.
Yay! You can be all you want to be, you can achieve success.

#Strive on
I love you Hivians

NOTE: All pictures were originally captured and edited by me.