Naija News: What happened in my neighborhood.


Hello Hivians

It's been such a pleasure belonging to this platform. Happy Sunday to you all.
Yesterday was such a hectic day for me. I had so much to do at the shop,I had lunch late, I had to go for church rehearsal too .


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When I got back home,I freshened up and had dinner.
Something funny happened at the shop yesterday, though it seemed funny,but if it went further, it'd probably be a story, by now,headline 😂.

These two men almost killed each other because of little money, just 150 naira .
Let me use Victor and Vincent as their names since I don't know their names.
So Victor goes to Vincent's shop to get a bottle of Coca-Cola, that's 150 naira . Victor gives Vincent 1000 naira and asks for change, Vincent says he doesn't have enough change,he tells Victor to come back later.

Now Victor comes back,he doesn't pay up first,he sees his old friend and decides to catch up. Vincent comes out of the house and starts demanding for his money. Victor says he should be given a few minutes as he's with someone but Vincent pays no attention to that,he starts to Shout and display aggression, next thing,he goes in and picks up a fruit knife ,he comes back and threatens to stab Victor.

Victor carefully avoids the knife while trying to tell Vincent to stop embarrassing himself and calm down. The rant continued for over 10 minutes. Finally, Vincent gets paid and the rant reduces, everyone is now appeased.
It was a funny incident, two grown men exchanging words because of little change, making a big scene 😂.

I learnt that impatience isn't good, Vincent couldn't wait for Victor to pay up,he made a big issue out of the whole thing. Meanwhile the money was there, it's not like he was going to be duped,he lowered himself, said a lot of foul words, threatened to kill just for small change. Trust Nigerians to be spectators,we all watched them making a fool out of each other, but some people held their phones so they could call the police if anything happened.
Victor didn't hesitate to talk too,he made sure he gave it back to Vincent,he was angry that Vincent just came to embarrass him and make him look like a bad person .

Everyone supported Victor because at the end of the day he paid up his money and he didn't hold any weapons. Victor is just everybody's guy,a friendly ,easy going person.
We all supported him because he doesn't have records of ill behavior.
Thankfully the matter got solved ,no one was killed or injured. And I could meet up with my work and church rehearsal.
How did your own day go?


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