Gaining relevance in the web3 blockchain has been my priority for a few months since I knew of it. One way I saw that could make this reality is by contributing hugely to its project. #Hive has been an exceptional web3 ecosystem where users find it comfortable to fit in any niche of their choice. Streamlining its various community, I want to say that #Splinterlands has contributed to this project, #Hive.


Of Course, we know #Splinterlands to be a #play2earn card game platform. Beyond just being a #play2earn card game, it has been ranked as the second largest #play2earn game and the third largest decentralized application. Such a big win! Having the awareness that I'm engaging in the best card game, I had to step up my knowledge about the game and advance to a higher level.


As part of my achievements and contribution, I kick-started the week with a victory to another level that I'm glad to share with you guys. Last week, I was able to stake my #GLX tokens and I began claiming some rewards; all these are the initiative of the #Splinterlands team to make the community maintain its position at the top, in other words, they are protecting their BRAND!


Let me share my little experience in the next level of the card game: While in the initial stage, I carefully followed my ratings after every win. I noticed after every victory; my rating will increase. So, while playing during this particular round, I won; and a congratulatory message popped up with the writing:

"Congratulations Battle Mage. You have proven your mastery of the elements…"

Surprisingly, another feather was added to my rank; this feather was tagged "BRONZE III."


Out of excitement, I went further to play the next battle. Sadly, I lost to my opponent; what amazed me was that I was demoted, and my rating had also reduced. This was when reality hit me that it's now the main #play2earn game begins, lol. It was such an exciting moment. I believe before the week runs out my progress will be doubled. Also, I'm hoping to buy new cards that will aid me in the battle ahead. To my readers who are yet to join this amazing community, feel free to click the referral link, for further questions you can drop them in the comment section. Let's gain relevance together in the future with our present investment. Web3 is the future, and #Hive is the future.


NOTE: All pictures are designed with canva, screenshoots from #splinterlands interface and genesis league interface.

Splinterlands is a free-to-play card game that can be played with a browser or mobile phone. The uniqueness of the game is that it is a play2earn game, meaning that every card that you obtain in the game be it in NFTs or a non-fungible token is yours and could be sold in the marketplace to gain money. All items collected value for exchange; you can either sell your cards or rent them out, then you get paid with the in-game currency called the Dark Energy Crystal (DEC). This DEC is worth being in the marketplace too.

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