What distracts a man from being a millionaire


What distracts a man from being a millionaire

Hi Hivers!

I know everyone wishes to be at the top; live a luxury life and even have an idol they look up to. All these are not bad in any way, only one thing is bad in this - which is knowing your distractions and ignoring how to get rid of them.


However, in this article, I wish to share with us few of the elements that distract a man from earning his dream life especially in the aspect of finance:


This is one great enemy that can't be overemphasized. Most people know what it takes to achieve a certain goal yet they procrastinate till it progresses to a high mountain. Certainly we know Rome wasn't built in a day, so don't look for quick success. Quick successes have no strong foundation, ignore procrastination and kickstart that dream.


This is another common factor that top millionaires are careful about. Taking #Hive as an example, to attain the height of high reputation, it demands consistent engagement in the platform. With consistency, you build lots of experiences and make it easier not to repeat the same mistake because you are able to master the nitty gritty of achieving great success.


We actually have talkers and doers independently. There are people who live their whole life dreaming to be great yet no plans to attain that height. This adage best suits this point: "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride." Enough of dreaming, have a vision and get to work! No millionaire lacks vision, know this and have peace!


Certainly you can't be the first to follow any path in this life. To be a millionaire, we have a thousand and one people who are millionaires, some have even grown to the level of billions. Through mentorship, your journey gets shorter because you will be exposed to the do's and don'ts before achieving a certain goal. Have a mentor that shares the same vision with you, you'll go far!


This point can serve as an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you engage it. I'll be sharing the disadvantage; an unhealthy relationship leads to a stunted progress. One needs to be mindful of the relationship he gets into. If it would drain you, then you should know what to do. You need to be inspired and not expired.

With these few outlines you would be able to checkmate yourself and act accordingly so that you could achieve your dream goal.


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