Date with Niece at Sachi Japanese🥢🥓🍤


The weekend begins... now💥

My smart pretty niece Kendra made it to the Achiever's List for this quarter and she ^ demanded ^ that I treat her somethin' for doing a job well done at school.

See, it was an ambush.😆 None was at all planned out.🤧 So what happened? Here's what's what.

I went to the grocery store after work at the same time Kendra and her mum went to as well. My niece spotted me and ran towards me and my cart. I was glad to bump into them. We went to Dunkin Donuts after the grocery run. That's when my other sister Joyce asked if I could buy her some takoyaki she's been craving today (which was not on any food delivery app). Yes you guessed it right - that was why we needed to cross the street and go too Sachi.

I, my sister Rica and her daughter Kendra, went inside. As soon as we sat, my niece then said she wanted to eat some tempura. That's when my sister Rica said that I should treat them, which is about the same time my niece "demanded" that she gets a treat for being an achiever in school. It was an ambush hahaha😆 I just gave in ~ anyway it's really a job well done for my niece and also, it was thru credit card lol.

Kendra got her Japanese tempura whilst my sister and I got Pork Teriyaki rice bowls. We ordered takeout for my sister Joyce, her cheese takoyaki. Their food was alright👌🥢

My tummy's full, spent quality time with my fam, hugged my dog and gave her vitamin C when I went home, bought home the pandesals my parents love ~ this is indeed the beginning of the lovely weekend, whohooo!🤙💥

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