The cities of 15 minutes. Utopia or dystopia

The cities of 15 minutes. Utopia or dystopia


"Ideal" cities

Something extremely controversial has come to light in recent days and it is really shocking the whole world, because this could mark a before and after in the way we live, in the way we move, communicate, we study and work, internationally no one is saved.

We are talking, neither more nor less, of the famous new "15-minute cities" that apparently and according to international organizations different ideas and governments came to be the future, perhaps it is an innovative idea or is it a camouflaged way of locking ourselves up again and keeping us in bubbles to control us better.

It is a really very important topic, a topic that is becoming a trend in all social networks, in all official and unofficial media, where everyone defends or attacks it, on the one hand, they are saying that it is an Innovation for the life of each one of us and on the other side where there are people who judge these "innovative" ideas as possible camouflage to lock up society, lock it up again and control it as they have been doing since 2020 with different justifications that were laws and decrees, both governmental and from the lines of international organizations.

Souce Dystopian Cities, it has already happened in history

On the one hand, the comfort and the fact that we can really have everything close by seems fantastic to me, the idea that there are green spaces nearby, that there are supermarkets, that satisfy the needs and desires of each one of us, but not that it be a Mandatory imposition where to get out of those 15 minutes, of those parameters, of the cities, those borders we really have to have a permit or it has to be a matter of protocol or signing papers and it is already something extreme to be able to go to other places.

We are not directing the fulfillment of the 2030 agenda, that famous new normality and under different justifications these people are going to be what is necessary to wash brains and put into people's heads that what they do is right, and "you will be happy"

And that for them we are a human farm, these people who are the ones who plan our lives, who come together in Davos, those who rewrite history, who impose their self-perception as a truth, an absolute reality are those who are now with the idea of the 15-minute cities, apparently inclusive, sustainable and so on, where they practically don't even want vehicles to exist.

Souce cities with freedom

It turns out that all the progressives, who today want to transform cities into urban bubbles, want to prevent us from going out, thanks to this, it is supposedly going to become less polluting and benefiting the environment; replacing the current agglomerated and interconnected cities with easily controllable isolated and dependent urban pockets.

From this sectorization of cities, people will have to ask permission to go from one to another, even to visit friends or relatives; like they do in china; this is part of a mass control.

In addition, they promote digital identification, added to facial detection, facial recognition that they have promoted and improved in recent years with the help of artificial intelligence, the future is going to become more dystopian with this new technocracy with this new technological future where these dark characters that today pull the strings of the world will continue to control us.

The big question, are you going to allow it….

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