What is HAARP?


What is HAARP?


The Haard in its acronym in English is the High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program, originally it was a program funded by the Air Force, the United States Navy, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Darpa and the University of Alaska.

Haard's initial goal was to study the properties of the ionosphere, in order to develop and improve technology that uses its properties to transmit radio communications and also its use in strategic surveillance systems, such as missile detection systems.

The most strategic region to put one of these systems is in Alaska, where the United States and the Soviet Union are separated by only three and a half kilometers of water on the Diomedes Islands, located in the Bering Strait. and the shortest distance a missile would travel from Moscow to Washington or San Francisco is through the Arctic Ocean.

Souce Sura Russian ionospheric heating facility

You can not imagine that a Haard defense installation of the United States is something that the Soviet side and its allies did not like, so coincidence or not, they built theirs with the name of Sura, which may not sound like it but they are the Acronym for ionospheric heating installation and that it was an ionosphere research center located near a small town in Russia's Basilustus, in short things from the Cold War but things that still endure.

The Haarp was dismantled as a military installation in 2014 and a year later it passed into the hands of the University of Alaska, currently its purposes are academic and you don't have to be a hacker to find out what it does, there is a website and it can be done a follow-up of all the investigations that are done with the haard, including this one to scan the interior of the asteroid 2010 XC15 within the planetary defense project.


NASA estimates that about every 2,000 years an asteroid the size of a football field strikes the earth, and asteroids that size can do a lot of damage, leveling a large city and having an impact similar to a major earthquake, destroying our civilization and sending humanity into an era of chaos and darkness would take something inside an asteroid several kilometers in diameter, something that apparently happens every several million years and to exterminate our species and reduce life on earth bacteria and microscopic beings would require a total destroyer.

An asteroid or comet more than 50 kilometers in diameter luckily such cases occur every several hundred million years, although we should not think of these events as a death clock that acts systematically and accurately is known from craters. Recorded on the moon that the flow of impacts varies and can vary greatly, there are bad spells known as bombardments, followed by long periods of relative calm.

The earth can enter a bad time or remain calm for many years, but in any case it will always be better to develop and have planetary defense technology and be prepared for an emergency, if we do not want it to happen to us like what happened to the dinosaurs.

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