5 minutes of free writing: Thursday - Title: A morning walk to work. [ENG/ESP]


Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels | Edited by @josueprime in Canva

English version

A morning walk to work

A father of a family, had to make a morning walk to work one day, because he had no fare to pay the bus, leaving his house he went on his way and while he was walking through the city, he found a $50 bill, which he could use to pay the bus, and he had change left, but this father did not spend this money, he kept it for when he returned home, this he did because he had to walk a few more minutes. 50 bill which he could use to pay for the bus, and he had change left, but this father of a family did not spend this money, he saved it for when he returned home, he did this because he had to walk about 30 meters to get to work, while he was walking he met thieves on the road who followed him to rob him and take all his belongings, the father of a family without paying much attention to all this, accelerated the pace and continued walking quietly, until he finally arrived at work in good time. When he returned home, he invited his family to eat at a restaurant and there he spent the $50 to share and celebrate with his wife and children.


Versión en español

Una caminata matutina al trabajo

Un padre de familia, tuvo que hacer un día, una caminata matutina hacia su trabajo, debido a que no tenía pasaje para pagar el autobús, saliendo de su casa emprendió camino y mientras iba caminando por la ciudad, se encontró un billete de 50?$ el cual lo podía usar para pagar el autobús, y le quedaba vuelto, pero este padre de familia no gasto este dinero, sino que lo guardo para cuando regresara a su casa, esto lo hizo porque ya le faltaba caminar unos 30 metros para llegar a su trabajo, mientras caminaba se encontró por el camino a ladrones que le seguían para robarle y quitarle todas sus pertenencias, el padre de familia sin prestar mucha atención a todo eso, acelero el paso y siguió caminando tranquilamente, hasta que por fin llegó al trabajo a buen tiempo. Al regresar a su casa invito a su familia a comer en un restaurante y ahí fue que gasto los 50?$, para compartir y festejar junto a su esposa e hijos.


Everything that is written in this post, was made by the inspiration I had for 5 minutes while reading the text: Morning Walk, @josueprime original content.



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