Why Bad Things Happen with Good People.


In a certain village, there was a blessed tree on the roadside, in the roots of which a snake made its home. It was very poisonous and often bit the people passing by, due to which many people died. Because of the fear of people stopping passing through this path, no one used to go near this tree.

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One day an old man passed by there. The people of the village tried to stop them from going there, they told them that there is a big poisonous snake under that tree, due to its bite, many people died, so if you go there, your life may be in danger. This good servant of Allah said, "Don't worry, I will go and talk to Sam. He reached under the elder tree and came out clean. If you are done, answer in front if I don't tell them, people will kill me, I am doing this to save my life. It is good that we should love others and spread love. How can you get happiness without hurting someone?

So you people should stop listening to the words of the old man who left there. The snake had a great impact on his heart and he vowed that after today he would not hurt anyone and would live in peace and tranquility. He had stopped biting people but the opposite effect of the truth of Islam. When the people saw that he did not bite anyone, they stopped being afraid of him.

Those who used to run away in fear at the sight of him now started taking him easy and harassing him. Now even the children of the village are not afraid of him. They also tied him with a rope and used to go around the streets of the village and beat him. He was very sad because of this, so he tried to do good to the people who were taking unfair advantage of him. It was far away. Then he came and sat under the tree and there he saw the snake whose condition was very bad. We replied that you are the cause of all my suffering. You had said that if people are not hurt, stop biting them.

I have stopped biting people, and I have tried to live with them in peace and tranquility, since that day people have started misbehaving with me, they have taken advantage of my goodness, this is my bad condition. Hey, if I listen to you, it has become difficult for me to live. The old man shook his head sadly. You may not have understood me correctly.

In life, it often happens with good people, sometimes when we try to be good to people, treat them well, do good to them, and respect them, then people respect our good and gentle behavior. This behavior of ours is taken as our weakness, that's why good people sometimes have to face difficult situations in life. Saying no doesn't mean disrespecting yourself. If you want to have a good time, be nice to them, but keep them on the bus.

Don't let them cross the line. According to the situation, sometimes a person should be made a little bit bitter so that people will remain disciplined so that no line will be crossed and no one will find you easily. Someone has said a very beautiful thing. Make the sound somewhere, do the good of the people, and don't let anyone do you harm Don't hold someone's hand to your victory and learn something new every day in life.
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