Spending time and money: Is hive worth it?


Everyone wants to spend their energy, time and money in a place that will bring profit to them. Do businessmen go into businesses just because they want to be called business owners? The essence of owning a business is to at least have something that will make you to put food on the table, secure your future and that of your children and being able to sort out bills as they come too.

We all joined hive because we thought it would help us sort out some bills when they come. I mean everyone wants to be comfortable financially right? In fact when I was told about hive, first thing I asked was if I would get money and when i would be paid too. I got the answers and when I joined, somehow I saw that I could earn. But they were rules that I needed to follow to get that money I wanted. I am just like every other person that joined this blockchain. As newbies, we all had expectations to be able to sort out those little little bills at any point in time.

For me at first, I saw it as a get-rich-quick place. I had already envisioned my mighty projects and gave myself a very short time to achieve them all. When I finally understood that hive isn't a place for quick money, my expectations changed. It became a place to meet new people and learn new things everyday. I had to unlearn to learn and I will say that changing my orientation has made me come to enjoy this place even more.


Just like in business, you are not 100% sure of ROI. It is expected that you keep an open mind while staying here on this blockchain. If your expectations are too high, there is every tendency that you will be disappointed and even want to leave the blockchain as quickly as possible. A lot of hivers are making money here but if you check and see how they started, it wasn't easy for them. This is a place where you need to be extremely patient and keep pushing. Just like they say, " Nothing good comes easy".

A quick question for you, is hive worth your time, energy and money?

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Is it worth my time and energy?


as I can see the potential that this blockchain has in regards to not only blogging but its use in the wider markets, If done properly this is a gamechanger in terms of crypto as a whole
SO I continue to do what I will do and interact with whoever I can :)