The last Laugh (Short Story


Frederick and Mary have been married for 6 years. Mary is an online vendor whilst her husband Frederick works in a Company where he serves as an electric engineer. With no children yet, they both decide to live and work hard to make a good living for themselves and their unborn children.

One day, Frederick enters the house from work looking so sad.

"Honey, what is it? Why are you looking this way?". Mary asked her husband who couldn't even talk.

"Talk to me please".She added. Eventually after much struggling, Frederick opens up and explains to his wife how he had invested in a business that turned out to be a scam.

"We have lost everything. I borrowed some money from the bank to invest in this business. I thought it would bring us a good return of investment but I discovered that I have been duped". Frederick explained.

"How come you invested in a business without talking to me first? Why didn't you tell me about this business as you usually do?" Mary was so angry but managed to keep her cool. "So what will happen now? How do you intend to pay up the loan you collected"?. She asked.

"Baby, I am so sorry. I wanted to surprise you when it booms. I was so sure of this business. But the issue now is that, I used this house as a collateral and the bank is coming to take it". He said with a low voice.

Mary couldn't hold herself anymore. She bursted in anger and asked him where they will go to since the house was the only valuable property they had at the moment. "Means we have to go back to the village because we don't have a choice anymore. How can you do this to me?" she broke down in tears.

Mary and her husband began arranging their things to vacate the house. As she went to the visitors room to pack up some things there, she raised the bed to check if there was anything under the bed.

Surprisingly, she saw a document.
She picked it and was so shocked when she saw that the house has been handed over to someone with her husband as a witness. She couldn't believe her eyes. She read again to make sure she was seeing clearly.

"Did my husband sell this house to someone else and then lied to me that he used the house as a collateral for a loan he collected?". She asked herself.

She immediately kept it back and started her investigation. She looked for the lady up on social media and discovered that her husband has been friends with this girl a long time ago.

One night when her husband was fast asleep, She searched her husband's phone and was shocked to find out that her husband and this said girl, were having an affair.

Apparently, her husband just wanted her to leave the house to bring his side chick over to the house. He had handed over the house to his girlfriend and was just looking for a way to send his wife packing so he can bring this girl in.

Mary cried silently that night. She couldn't believe what was happening.

Without confronting her husband, she filed for a divorce. The court granted her her wish and gave her custody of the house.

Indeed, Mary had the last laugh

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A short story, but with a great message. Not always all that glitters is gold, the people those around us do not always have a good heart, you have to be careful.

a sad story, but with an end of liberation for the woman from that bad man. Good job.

Thanks for sharing.
Good day.


Thank you so much for reading.

A good thing Mary realized herself and became liberated just like you said