The psychology of fear



Each of us has encountered fear in our lives. It is one of the primary traits not only human in the instinct of survival.

Recently, fear has gripped everyone in the world at the news of a virus that is supposedly dangerous. Most people have succumbed to fear and their lives will not return to normal. In life we encounter similar situations, which paralyze us in the further existence of life.
From my own life, the word fear reminds me of all school exams and promotions at work. Emotions and stress were really high. I was afraid of the positive result of all those exams.


I had a funny situation recently when my only daughter wanted to get her nails done. I was a little shocked because at that age I think she is a little too young for such nails. I was a little afraid of my opinion and opinion. At first I did not know what to say in order not to hurt my daughter and whether it would be the right decision.
I agreed after expressing my slightly negative opinion on the matter. She understood my message and we got along very well.

I have had many situations in my life when I had to admit facts that were inconvenient to me. I overcame my fear and it was easier. I could list a lot of such stories from my life.
The most important thing is how a man should deal with his own fear in certain situations.
First of all, we should be ourselves. We should always use our own judgement and not that of a third party. We can always ask ourselves how the situation will affect our life. Because as they say.
Fear has big eyes😀

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