Venezuelan Guacamayas and their new NTF

Guaca 1.jpg

Source by Pixabay

At the end of last month the developers of Wakalandia spoke in Caracas about a project of great interest that seeks to exalt one of the most characteristic birds of Venezuela. Macaws are very colorful birds and with their more than 10000 NFT they will undoubtedly be a spectacle. It has been reported that among them there will be a total of 250 characteristics of their own, combined by algorithms.

The project is ambitious because in addition to the collection of NFTs, it will also produce a DAO audiovisual series and will have a space in the metaverse.

In the country there is a group of enthusiasts who assure that the project will be a success and will serve to spread an important part of the Venezuelan fauna. The Caribbean country has a large adoption of cryptocurrencies and is at the forefront of crypto investments. Until recently it held third place in p2p trading volume but is now ranked sixth in the world.

One important thing to note is that the NFT will run under the Ethereum network so they are adapting it for MetaMask which will allow connection to the blockchain and where the collectible digital asset can be exchanged.

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Source by pixabay

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