HEADLINES / New CC0 audiovisual art on NFT Showroom

This audiovisual piece was created using some of my earlier images playing around with DALLE! I screen recorded my process of making a collage and edited it to remove the boring bits where I spent ten minutes cutting out an object :D

I minted 3 Editions of this on NFT Showroom using the new CC0 licence so you can reuse, share, remix either the audio or visuals however you please :)

You can watch and listen here:

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Headlines 👁️

This one was minted #CC0 , free to remix and reuse however you like! Images created using #DALLE, collage and video editing sound on 🔊#audiovisual #collage #AIArtwork #aiartcommunity
link below... pic.twitter.com/1f75TYPSpb

— 👽 ALIEN HONEY 👽 (@juliakponsford) October 1, 2022

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