1 Complete day on SteemMonsters game!!!! Look all things that happen to me!!!


Greetings, people from @steemmonsters, @splinterlands, @steem-ace and @battlegames

Todays, was a mind-blowing day!!!!

Well, I don't even know how to start writing this text. Let's go at the beginning.

The first thing is that I bought Untamed Packs, so I was eligible to participate in the first airdrop that happened. But look how it went:


I had 87 packs eligible for the first airdrop. I opened it and unfortunately nothing came to me !!!!

I started the day badly in the game. I thought I'd get at least one, but I ran out of it. Now, in the next airdrop, I will have more cards to compete. Let's see what happens.

After that, I got enough steem to buy 100 more packs. Of course, there are 110, because buying 100, we get 10 more "freebie".

packs today 110.png

I opened the packs and unfortunately no legendary golden card came. I opened using the gold and legendary potions. However, I won several gold cards and several legendary cards. Also, I won the new Diamond Dragon. Take a look:

diamond dragon!!!!.png

Now look at this Diamond Dragon card:

diamond dragon1111.png

This has a very nice skill, which is Last Stand. With this ability, this card gains a status boost if it is the only survivor in combat. I don't know exactly what she gets, but I think it's damage and life. If anyone knows better ....

Also, while I was doing the daily quest, I hit the Diamond II league:

diamond II.png

It was really cool, now I will win 50 cards at the end of the season.

Finally, one more good thing. After the daily quest, I won these cards:

boas recompensas.png

3 epic cards and 2 rare gold cards. One costs around $ 3 and the other $ 4.5. I'll sell to Beetle Quenn and the other one I'm still thinking, because I don't know if maximizing the chicken would be good, since I have one of her gold in the team !!

That's it guys, I hope you enjoyed and wish a good game to all !!!

Good evening!!!


Congrats on hitting all those legendary cards in your purchased packs. Looks like you got some good cards in your rewards flipping as well. Good luck with hitting something in the next airdrop.