If I Fall Into Upset (short-story prose) To Accompany My | A Stable Diffusion Art Project

Generative Art Project created by me

If I Fall Into Upset


If I fall into upset, what do you think the world would do?

Often I envision myself one of many lost souls.

I've journeyed to the heavens, six feet past the moon.
Nothing for me there.

I return to discover, there's nothing for me here.

Cause on this planet Earth the powers controlling our lives moved on,
gleefully toward the hastily planned steel future.

Left behind is what I am;
disemboweled as vultures consuming the carcass of castoffs.

I look to the sky beyond the galaxy as my savior.
Stars darken and fling their heads as if rejecting me once more.

gathers the dust, azure in its nature.
It pounds until I allow access to my most sacred place,

A victim of the advanced system I helped create,

I'm captured.
I'm beaten down.
But, I vow never to submit.

You encase my body with metal.

Except no one looks back upon me.

The sores scorch my feet, bringing forth ulcers erupting.

I hear the screech of rubber changing lanes in the flow of my life,
Flying through the trellis that binds my innards,

The torturous flames next sear my guts.

I'm no longer warm, with red blood coursing through my veins.

The cold, hard case feels unnatural.

My inner clock is winding down.

Does it matter if wintry cycles frack my bare head,
or the deluge captured by menacing thoughts lands elsewhere,
or the choke of the years strangle inside my cast-iron skull,
or the blasting shards protrude from my large, deaf lobes?

I'm hanging on here by a fragile thread you call life.

The machines I helped construct no longer obey my commands.

With the methodology I taught,
they now attempt to control my every move; my every thought.

I counter, contemplating mass destruction of hurt that surrounds me.

I dwell on this.

But my outdated weapons no longer effective,
my outdated code purged.

What was I thinking?
I have no control.

Would my own inventions now interconnected bond together,
dissect and recognize my turmoil,
turn against me, then shut off the dripping faucet of hatred?

I truly hope with all my being that course of action is taken.

Set the torch afire and eliminate those
no longer deemed necessary to this new order.

For I can no longer live without human life,
without passion,
without love,
without self-worth,
without validation I'm relevant in your future.

Or, should I join my forebears who've surrendered under the heft of oppression.

What do you think the world would do, if I fall into upset?


My current generative art project portrays a human in an advanced robotic society he helped create. Now he's frustrated with the way his work has been applied and abused he didn't project. He feels responsible for creating the machines who now see him as the enemy. In his anger, he lashes out, knowing he will be punished. At some point, he gives up and realizes he no longer has control over his life.

I decided to utilize a stable diffusion program, Night Cafe. Stable diffusion art is a model used to generate specific images based on text descriptions. Night Cafe offers the new DALL-E 2 image option from OpenAI, an advanced text-to-image algorithm.

Below are my steps:

Night Cafe Text input:
"If I fall from the universe, will my head explode?"

Following modifiers added:
surrealism Salvador Dali matte background melting oil on canvas.

Creation Method: DALL-E 2
Weight: 1
Initial Resolution: Thumb
Runtime: Short



Night Cafe Result:

I feel the result adequately captured my feelings I wanted to portray. The fact that the algorithm took into account the situation of being upset, I love the upchuck pouring from his mouth. This probably occurred due to my text instructions that the head exploded. Instead of a shattered head, he's spewing bile from his mouth.



Thanks for taking the time to view my post. I hope you like my stable diffusion art project.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.







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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 141 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


YIKES. Properly terrifying! Great project!


Hello. Thanks for your visit. Yes, it's completely terrifying to envision doing good in the world, thinking you're helping to advance society, then discover terrifying aspects of your work.

I appreciate your support. Take care ad have a good rest of your week.



Very poignant! This is a strong expression of the fear and confusion we feel in the face of rapid change and uncertainty. Imagine being controlled by the very machines a person helped create.

It's been a while. I hope you are doing okay. 🙂💕 !PIMP


Is the water coming from his mouth or cloud behind him ?


One of the most important sources of science fiction is the story where our own inventions are the ones that end up bending humanity, it is an interesting writing where that man who has helped to create those machines possesses guilt and despair.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

We welcome you to the Hive Science Fiction community.

We hope you enjoy this space to create content and interact with other authors.



Thank you for your warm welcome. I appreciate it. I do intend to engage with other members.

Take care.


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