The Best Time on Earth is the time spent with your family

Hello great minds and a wonderful Sunday to you all. I believe we are all sound and doing well. Today i will be sharing with you the joy derived when you spend time with your family or traveling for a long time and coming back to meet your family with strength. All this will be seen bellow.

The bast time on Earth


When i began to think of what time would be classified as the best time on earth, my mind wonders round the clock but couldn't found anytime worthy enough but only the time you create to being with your family.

Family is made up of a father, mother and children. When a man got married to her wife and the both of them stayed for long without a child, the joy of being a family would not be there. I can tell you that even the wife will be feeling bad amongst other women who had given birth.

Today, the joy of staying with my family is complete this is due to how the family was blessed by God. There is too much of joy in me seeing my blood brother after some months ago and today luckily, he came to church. I was too pleased while mum were dancing and i signal her to come out from the Church while we took a snapshot using my smartphone(Infinix S4). The picture can be seen below.


Today was launching prior to our pastor's sent forth, we as a family had also thank God for his mercy upon our lives.

It's good when you traveled and coming back, you still meet your family with joy 😊 that is the best thing so far on earth. Staying and enjoying with your family is the best thing so far on earth. We attended "The Apostolic church of Nigeria and we loved the spirit of the Lord here.


Many persons ignore their families and stay away for long time without thinking about their family wellbeing. This is too bad! If you create time to talk and stay with your family, you will have a healthy home likewise those who ignored their families and spend too much time drinking and charting with friend which will make your family ill because of the lack of your presence.

Many parents likes seeing their children around them and i believe this brings too much of joy to them. Not just joy but it helps in increasing their life span. How often do you visit your parents and make them happy? This little things matter much in life and it attracts blessings to you as a son or daughter.

Thank you for your time and do tell me your own best moment staying here on earth by using the comment section below.


Family is important and should be priority for all of us. Am really happy your family is strong and doing well even when you were not around. Its wrong to ignore our family for any reasons. I urge you to continue to be the best you can be, for the interest of your family