BTC Is About To Make A Major Move Upside

I think is time for btc to push upwards after making 18k to 20k major support zone for The past few weeks it keeps playing around that zone. A lot of indecision going on there but I think we might see a major move upside soon.


BTC 1hr Chart


On the 1hr chart using trading view you can see clearly where the liquidity is resting and that is where btc is going to soon we might see btc breaking that 25k price zone base on my technical analysis I'm still on a buy side hunting liquidity. Those imbalance must be filled with time same imbalance are found everywhere especially upwards when you switch to higher timeframe you will the imbalance that must be filled and no imbalance must be left behind. I think is time to start the filling up of all the gap upside.

15min Chart


On the 15min chart the imbalance is clear with the fair value gaps that needs to be filled upside. The buyers are coming onboard little by little this might be the right zone to bag more btc. This particular zone has proven to be valid after testing that low multiple times and we might see bounce off from that zone any moment from now.
Stay active on the blockchain in other not to miss any moves guys this is another opportunity to smile again I will be dropping more analysis on different tokens since is time for the bullish trend more analysis will be coming your way daily stay active.

Note: this is not a financial advice always make your own research before investing on any token.

Thank you for reading my post

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